What to Prepare When Moving Into an NYC Micro Apartment

Micro apartments have become a reality of living in big cities, including New York. For some, they are a place where it’s impossible to live, while others find it practical and basically everything you need.

Micro apartments are all about functionality, minimalism, and location. They offer more for less, and this guide will show you how to prepare when moving into an NYC micro apartment. Here’s what you’ll need to make this move smooth and quick. 

Factors to Consider Before Moving to a New State

Understanding more about micro-apartments 

Before you go any further, make sure you understand what’s life like in a micro apartment. These small living spaces can be a surprise to someone who previously lived in a bigger house. They are as small as it gets, so adapting to this living space can be quite a change. People who enjoy living here are often minimalists who want to reduce cleaning/maintenance time but also the costs. Micro apartments do reduce your bills, yet don’t expect the rent to be too cheap. Even though these are very small apartments, they come in premium locations which results in high prices per square foot. However, this can be an amazing way to minimize obligations to your home and focus more on enjoying life in NYC or your career. 

What do you need to prepare when moving into an NYC micro apartment?

Moving into an NYC micro apartment is similar to any other relocation. Firstly, you need to start planning on time. Even though you have fewer items to bring, moving requires organization and on-time planning. That’s why one of the first things you should prepare for this move would be a checklist of tasks you need to do before the moving day. It will guide you through the process and make sure you don’t forget anything. Now let’s see what else is necessary for your upcoming relocation. 

Furniture that fits 

If you haven’t lived in a micro apartment before, you should know that you’ll have to give up on most of the furniture pieces. These apartments can usually fit just a couple of things such as a bed, TV, some shelves, etc. Also, getting multi-purpose furniture pieces is a smart idea for any small living space. You’ll probably have to give up on items such as multiple chairs, a big dining table, etc., and go shopping for pieces that will fit the new space. Make sure you take measurements so you don’t waste any time when picking furniture. 

A storage unit outside your micro apartment 

What to do with the items you won’t’ bring to the new apartment? You can give those away, or even sell them online. However, if you don’t feel like giving up on certain items, Ben Hur Moving and Storage NYC recommends taking a storage unit. It will make sure your items are safe, but they won’t be eating precious space in the apartment. Also, make sure you declutter the old apartment before moving. Divide items into three different piles – items you’ll get rid of, things you need in the new place, and things you’ll keep in the storage unit until you need them.


In small spaces, both vertical and horizontal spaces should be used. Add some shelves on the walls that will store smaller pieces, favorite books, some décor items, etc. Also, mount your TV on the wall instead of putting it on a TV stand. Very often, people who lie in micro apartments don’t even have a TV. They use their mobile devices or laptops for entertainment. Either way, lifting certain items from the ground will make the space more spacious and comfortable.

A bed with storage space underneath

You should waste no space in a micro apartment. The space under the bed is very valuable in this situation, so be sure to use it wisely. Take a bed with built-in drawers underneath, or one that has free space under it. Use it to store different items, vacuum bags, etc. 

An e-reader 

Do you like to read but don’t have space for a bookshelf? Luckily, this new age has a perfect solution – an e-reader. This smart gadget will save a lot of space but still give you the ability read books you like, even a couple of different ones at the same time. Digitalizing is a great way to save space, so we recommend doing it with photos, documents, etc. 

Packing supplies 

Packing for a move is complex work, no matter how big your apartment is. You’ll need moving boxes of different sizes, packing protection (wrapping, packing peanuts, and packing paper), heavy-duty tape, and scissors. Also, don’t forget to add some labeling supplies – a marker, stickers, etc. Use them to label the boxes and write what’s inside. Even though there are not so many items, it’s necessary to be organized in such a small space.

 A trusted moving team 

NYC is a big city. There are so many businesses so it’s sometimes challenging to pick the right one. Your search should be based on quality, pricing, and trustworthiness. You should have a couple of options and compare their estimates before making the final decision. Pick a team that has many helpful options available, so you can pick services according to your needs. Also, choose a team that has good reviews and many satisfied customers – use the power of the internet to find out more about their previous jobs. 

A new mindset 

One of the most important things you’ll need to prepare when moving into an NYC micro apartment is a new mindset. Moving into such a small space is a big shift in lifestyle, priorities, and daily habits. Be ready for such a step to make sure you enjoy your new living space in one of the best cities on the planet!

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