Bedroom Design Tricks for Small Spaces

A comfortable bedroom is not only about size but also about organization. You can enjoy bedroom bliss even if you have limited space as long as you keep it tidy. One helpful trick is to carefully plan the placement of your furniture, particularly the bed.

The bed is the most essential element in your oasis. And it eats up a good chunk of space. So, you better start identifying its rightful place first before you move on to adding up other features into your room.

Bedroom Design Tricks for Small Spaces

Arranging a bedroom is an art

The bedroom is one of the essential features of the house. But it presents a handful of challenges in design, especially when it is quite small. With one wrong move, you can make the place look cramped and certainly, not an exciting place to hang out or chill.

The first step to arranging a bedroom is to make measurements. Next, you have to establish the amount of floor space you are working with. That’s when you can sketch out a plan and find the most suitable bed.

When shopping for your bed, you should not focus on the style alone because size does matter. Consider your floor area, the number of people sleeping in, and the size of your bedroom when you shop.

Keep it comfortable but do not let it take much of the space. Don’t forget that apart from the bed, you also have to install a dresser. Good thing, offers plenty of designs to incorporate your wardrobe seamlessly. You can pick a matching finish for your bed and dresser for a clean look.

If the dresser is on the wall, where does the bed go? Bed placement depends on a couple of factors, including the shape of the room. Essentially, the bed ends up in a place where it does not restrict movement but remains to be in the spotlight.

You can place it at the center, at a corner, or opposite the door. The best spot for the bed is where it will serve its purpose of function and style best. Some careful thinking can help you establish that

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Where do the other bedroom elements go?

Now that you have the basic elements, you can start identifying the other features and organize the bedroom like a pro. Here are some tips:

  • Put only the items that you need in the bedroom. There may be a hundred and one things that you want to bring inside your place, but if they are not useful, they will only become a mess. Since you have limited space, your goal is to make the most of it with every bit of item that you bring in. If your floor space still allows for a sitting room or a vanity mirror, decide if you have any need for those before making a purchase.
  • Prioritize function over anything. That’s why we urge you to find a place for the bed and the wardrobe first. You need to identify the rightful places of your big, more important pieces before you design around using the small items.
  • Be bold, experiment. Arranging a bedroom is essentially an art, but it is also science. So, you should not be afraid to experiment and see how it works from one different viewpoint to another. Do not stop until everything works for you—its style, its function, and everything else.

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Don’t feel disheartened if your bedroom is small. You can make the most of that space with some careful planning and organization. The key is to keep it stylish and functional. Keep the clutter to a minimum as well. Nothing destroys the look of the bedroom and any room for that matter than a mess.

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