Smart and Impressive Tiny Hall House Built


Tiny Hall House Front View

Tiny Hall House Front

Tiny Hall House Glass Door







This Tiny Hall House located in Massachusetts. Has 160 square feet floor area and built for under $30K over six months. The Tiny Hall Home comes with complete basic tiny living accoutrements, furniture and appliance.

Tiny Hall House Main Room



It’s including a lofted Queen bed, compact “couch” that doubles as a bed for the couple’s son (the space is about two feet wide by eight feet long, which makes it about a foot narrower than the typical twin bed), kitchenette, and composting toilet. Even more rad are custom touches like the bookshelves hidden in the gabled entrance and the miniature bedside stands and lamps. Intrigued? The owners are answering tiny house questions and dropping wisdom over on their sites.





Tiny Hall House Interior Tours

Tiny Hall House Main RoomTiny Hall House Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen area comes with perfectly organized things. Even more, this mini kitchen already full fill standart cooking untensils. There are Mini fridge, blender ,water dispenser, magnetic seasoning sets and many more. Missing stove??

The owner said they are using induction stove with Fagor Brand and also have a little Cusinart Toaster Oven that can pull out if want to bake or roast etc.

<<< Fargo Induction Stove


Tiny Hall House Sleeping Area

Tiny Hall House Overview 2

The upstairs loft bed has a queen size even though a full would have worked for sure.  “As far as the privacy thing goes, well there is none when everyone is home” said the owners.  They say about adding a curtain to the upstairs loft so that could be pull it closed when need more darkness or privacy, but it hasn’t been an issue so far.  For living in tiny house you defiantly have to tune into each family member and get the sense of when they need space, and then give it to them.

Tiny Hall House Bed

The mattress are  from Sudbury Organic Mattress and the specific brand was Eco-Slumber. The natural latex topper was Naturepedic.

Other Part of Tiny Hall House

Tiny Hall House Bathroom




See the white waffle pattern curtain on the picture? That’s is 30″ x 30″ shower.



Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication.”
– leonardo da vinci

Tiny Hall House Toilet





Toilet with space savings furniture. There are cupboard behind the mirrors. The windows also providing natural light for energy efficient and for better air flows.




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