The Best Balloons That Are Suitable for Decorating a Party

Any party in honor of a birthday or a city day celebration cannot do without such a universal attribute as balloons. And in this article, we will consider what types of festive balls exist and which of them will be the best for your holiday.

Balloons impress with their variety: from size to material. The most common materials used to make balloons are latex and foil. Latex balloons are not intended for long-term service, because the air quickly escapes from the rubber, thereby reducing the size of the balloon itself. Also, it is not recommended to inflate such balls to the maximum, because in this case the ball will simply flake off even from the slightest touch on any surface.

Foiled or as they are also called Miral balloons have a special valve with a return petal to prevent the escape of gas, accordingly, such balloons are more durable. However, they are not without sin. One of their disadvantages is that they are not suitable for expansion or contraction, and can also appear deflated or even burst in response to temperature fluctuations. In addition, the material from which these balloons are made is very harmful to the environment and it is very difficult to recycle.

The Best Balloons That Are Suitable for Decorating a Party

What is the best color of balloons to choose?

The choice of color of balloons depends on the theme of your party. For example, balls in combination with black and orange colors are best suited for a Halloween party. If it’s a birthday party for a small child, it’s best to decorate it with pink and white balls, or blue if it’s a boy’s birthday party. But you can also experiment with colors, departing from the standards and combining yellow and orange.

Currently, blue shades of balls in combination with pink or white colors are gaining more and more popularity. Such colors are ideal for parties in the yard, especially with Mexican dishes and cocktails. Golden colors will always be in trend if you are planning a luxury party. This color is especially appropriate in combination with silver. Such colors add more charm to parties.

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When it comes to creating a truly memorable party atmosphere, it’s not just about the balloons; it’s also about the costumes! Check out Blossom Costumes if you are interested in online costumes. Now, let’s delve into the best balloons that are suitable for decorating a party

What are the best balloons?

If you plan your party for several hours, it is best to choose disposable balloons. They will serve you well, albeit for a short time. These balloons are usually made of latex. They will sag in a day due to the fact that they are latex, so they are ideal for short parties or dates.

For longer parties, we recommend using reusable balloons. These include, for example, vinyl ones, they are in the assortment of the OBRZ company, orbz balloons are both helium and helium-free. Here you can choose the size of balloons that suits you, as well as choose different combinations of colors. We have already discussed the advantages of such air balls in part in this article. But especially such advantages are manifested in heat or cold. The foil perfectly reflects light and absorbs the least amount of heat, so it will keep its size for a long time during summer parties. It is also very important to choose the right color in the summer (the same situation here as with clothes).       

The best summer decoration from balloons will be balloons of lighter colors, preferably white. Light colors reflect more sunlight and heat than they absorb, and as a result last longer. Choosing darker balloons is a bad idea. The darker the color, the more heat it will absorb and the less it will last.


So, we have found out in this article that it is best to choose foil balls for your parties, as they are less picky about the temperature and are more versatile. Choose balloons wisely and tastefully!

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