Don’t Do It: How Not to Suck as a Photographer

How Not to Suck as a Photographer

Honing your photography skills takes time, enhanced practical and theoretical learning, and patience. Most of the time, the photographers gain experience through trial and error. Being an art and passion, you must never disrespect anything. 

Today’s article will discuss the top 5 things, which are the worst ideas for a passionate photographer. 

5 Things to Avoid in Photography

To ace photography, you need to rummage through countless blog posts, tutorials, books, and how-to posts. But, what are the things which a photographer should never do in their lifetime? Let’s see them below.

  1. Be deceitful about the edit

We all reside in a Photoshop world. The fine line between digital and photography is becoming bleary every day. Now, you may not know how to flip an image in Photoshop; it’s easier when you have Skylum. However, sometimes photographers don’t want to accept the level of editing that completely changes the picture’s authenticity. 

In this world, we have both places, and you could utilize every tool in the photoshop arsenal to surpass the real photograph entirely. It’s okay to create something new. But it’s never okay to lie about it and let people believe something which lacks originality. 

  1. Never judge a photographer based on their gear usage

Sometimes, every photographer may have gear envy if anyone has the latest body or the longest lens. Just as much judgment has been given for someone using what you may think of as inadequate gear. 

A famous photographer named Terry Richardson was notorious for shooting 35 mm film cameras and cheap points as his vision is amazing. His photography appears monthly in every renowned fashion magazine. 

  1. Never give away your camera

It’s imperative because you’re using a professional camera, and you need to take good care of your buddy. It would be a stupid idea to give it away to your friends or family members who don’t know how to manage it. 

Be possessive about your stuff, especially when you know your major investment could be experimented with in the wrong way! Who knows, you may have an edited picture on the camera, done by a photo editing software, now they have deleted it mistakenly.

  1. Never over-edit your work

Every photographer desires to make their work look stunning. It could incorporate a vast amount of editing when you’re a perfectionist. Hence, editing with an easy photo editor will help maintain the genuineness of the picture without over-editing. 

Over-saturation is the biggest mistake, and as a photographer, you must never want your picture to turn into rainbow crap. 

  1. Never be defensive of your work

Posting your work to your website or blog post could bring less than positive comments. Therefore, you must not dismiss them as Gradients to you personally. 

Also, stay open to commentary and examine how you could have done better to make your photo editing enticing to the beholder with the help of free photo editing software. 

Demanding feedback without any limitations is difficult for multifarious shooters to gulp adverse comments. This can crush down feelings but can detect areas to improve and focus on in the future.


With an enormous emphasis on what photographers should not be doing, luckily, these top 5 not-to-do things will educate you differently. Apart from these 5 things, a photographer must never be afraid to ask for help and never assume their ways are the best ones. 

Another thing to remember is that the best photo editing software can make your photo look great, but you must not overuse it. Get your best free photo editing tools for pc right away to do minor editing and post on social media. 

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