15 Must-have Tools You Need For Your Home Improvement Project

Home renovations and remodelling require a lot of hard work. You will need careful consideration from the budget to the necessary tools. You need to stay afloat on the different tips and ideas that can help you improve your home. 

DIY home projects are economical as you will no longer pay for the cost of labour. The project will cost your effort and know-how of different home improvement ideas. 

You can begin your project by looking for electrical supply store locations for the tools and equipment to get you started.

Home tools are a basic necessity when starting a home improvement project, and make sure to invest in sturdy and long-tasting tools that you can use for a long time. 

Here are the fifteen must-have tools you need for your next home improvement project:

15 Must-have Tools You Need For Your Home Improvement Project


A hammer is a home improvement tool to drive nails into surfaces like boards, wood, or metal sheets. A hammer is essential for home improvement, woodwork and metal work. There are different kinds of hammers, these includes:

  • claw hammer
  • club hammer
  • rubber mallet
  • ball peen hammers
  • sledgehammers
  • framing hammer


A screwdriver is a must-have hand tool for electrical repairs and wiring constructions, and Screwdrivers are for tightening or loosening screws. 

The process involves grooving the screwdriver in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. 

There are different types of a screwdriver, these includes:

  • cross slot or Philips screwdriver
  • slotted or flathead screwdriver
  • Pozidriv screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver
  • square or Robertson screwdriver
  • Hex or hexagon screwdriver

Carpenter’s tape measure

A carpenter’s tape measure or the measuring tape is a measuring tool for size and distance. The measuring tape is like a ruler that accurately gets the measurements of your home improvement project.

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A plier is a must-have tool for home improvement projects. A plier is for removing wall accent designs and anchors. A plier is also for holding objects like wires and sheets firmly. You can use a plier for gripping, cutting, and twisting metal wires. There are different kinds of pliers, these includes:

  • slip joint plier
  • bent nose plier
  • round nose prier
  • needle-nose plier
  • electrical wire stripping plier
  • terminal crimping pliers
  • diagonal plier
  • combination or lineman’s pliers

Wire cutters

A wire cutter is a hand tool for cutting wires. You can use a wire cutter to cut wires made from copper, iron, aluminium, brass, and steel.

Many wire cutters are available, including:

  • side or diagonal wire cutter
  • bolt cutters
  • wire rope cutter
  • cable wire cutters
  • end cutters and nippers
  • flush cutters


A level is a handy tool that ensures that the surface is vertical or horizontally aligned. The level tool allows you to correctly align frames, shelves, and mounts on a surface. There are different types of levels on the market that you can use for your home improvement project, including:

  • box beam level
  • magnetic level
  • I-beam level
  • Torpedo level
  • digital box level
  • screed level
  • string level


A sander is a powered tool for surface smoothening and finishing. A sander is perfect for woodwork to give it a fine finish. A sander is necessary for furniture, staircase furnishing, and cabinet making.

There are many kinds of sander you can use for home improvements. The list includes:

  • belt sander
  • detail sander
  • disc sander
  • orbital sander
  • file sander
  • drywall sander
  • finishing sander


A drill is a powered tool for making holes and openings on walls, woods, and metals. A drilling tool is for ensuring screw placements on a different surface. A driller is either electrical or manual powered. There are different kinds of drills, these includes:

  • hand drill
  • standard corded or electric drill
  • benchtop drill press
  • rotary hammer drill
  • right angle drill
  • impact driver
  • earth auger drill

Nail gun

A nail gun is a home improvement tool that helps to drive nails into surfaces. The nail gun is a conventional house tool that uses fasteners in long clips to steel and concrete surfaces.

There are different types of nail gun, these includes:

  • staple nail gun
  • roofing nail guns
  • palm nailers
  • pin nail guns
  • flooring nail guns
  • framing nail guns
  • siding nail guns


A saw is a house tool with sharp and toothed blades that can cut different materials like wood, metal, or stone. 

  • jigsaw
  • band saw
  • chainsaw
  • chop saw
  • mitre and compound mitre saw 
  • circular saw
  • reciprocating saw

Voltage tester

A voltage tester is an electrical tool that helps to measure the electrical circuit’s voltage. The voltage tester can also detect improper wiring of electricity in your home. Many hardware shops offer different kinds of voltage testers, including:

  • neon voltage tester
  • multimeter
  • inductance or non-contact voltage tester
  • continuity tester
  • plug-in circuit analyzer
  • digital clamp meter

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A wrench is a hand tool that can help you to grip objects. A wrench tool is also for fastening, turning, and loosening home components like pipes, bolts, and nuts. 

There are different varieties of wrenches, including:

  • chain wrench
  • pipe wrench
  • torque wrench
  • socket wrench
  • adjustable wrench
  • ratcheting wrench
  • combination wrench

Scraper tool

A scraper tool or a hand scraper is for scraping metal or wood on a surface. A scraper is a perfect tool to give outlines and designs to woodwork or metalwork during home improvement. 

A scraper tool has many kinds, including:

  • half round scraper
  • flat scraper
  • hook scraper
  • bullnose scraper
  • three square scraper
  • two handle scraper

Carpenter’s pencil

A carpentry pencil is a marking tool you can use when doing home improvement projects. The pencil has an elliptical or rectangular section that prevents it from rolling away when used. 

You can use the carpenter’s pencil for surfaces like concrete or stones where regular pencils cannot mark properly. 

Safety gear

When doing home improvement projects, your safety should be your priority. Safety gears are necessary to keep the damage from hazards to a minimum. Safety gear will enable you to work in your home without worrying about cutting or hurting yourself. 

Different safety gears are necessary when doing home improvements, these includes:

  • safety glasses or goggles
  • cut resistant or thick gloves 
  • apron or protective clothing
  • ear and sound protection like earmuffs and earplugs
  • safety boots
  • kneepads or portable mats or portable 

Final Words

By having the right tools, your home improvement project will surely be a success. These tools will not only make your work easier but also help you save time and money.

So, what are you waiting for? Start gathering the necessary tools for your next home improvement project now!

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