5 Reasons Why Living in an Oceanfront Home in Bethany Beach is the Ultimate Dream

Bethany Beach is a Delaware town located within Sussex County. The minimal yet welcoming beach town offers a wonderful experience to its residents with wide-ranging weather comfort and sparkling outdoor recreations.

Bethany features a dozen access points, which makes it a desirable sandy beach for summer getaways. At other times of the year, it can be the best sleepy town to reside in after escaping city life. 

Reasons Why Living in an Oceanfront Home in Bethany Beach is the Ultimate Dream

Why is it Bethany Beach where you thirst for living

Soundless Community

Living in Bethany Beach homes gives you the charm of a small city. You can enjoy an isolated vibe with all the city amenities. Bethany is soundless except for summertime. It bestows access to the boardwalk within walking distance from the coastline with a crowd-free sea view.

What else is serener than watching the sun sink into the ocean every evening? The voice of rolling waves and the breeze will soothe your soul in Bethany, and you will finally feel that your dreams have come true. 

Even so, your life is not lonely in Bethany Beach. There are farmers’ markets on weekends and annual festivals that allow you to reinvent the community. You soon become the favorite person to everyone living close, and the neighbors become your lifetime friends.  

Super-active Lifestyle

The reclusive touch does not bore Bethany Beach residents. It is obvious that being on the ocean side will keep everyone active. Bethany has numerous options for its guests to stay busy with. For outdoor adventures, such as hiking, residents love Holts Landing State Park. Besides several waterways for paddleboarding, the town has proximity to Indian River Bays and Rehoboth for added water activities. 

You can spend a whole day browsing Bethany’s local shops. Fish Tales, Bluecoast Seafood Grill and Raw Bar, Pitter Patter, and Bethany Beach Books are some of the favorite places of kids and adults.

Bethany, with its pony herds, has become more biker-friendly. The town has 151 cycle routes to explore. With wildlife trails, there are many waterside communities for expeditions on foot or bike. 

Moderate Climate

At Bethany Beach, sunny days are muggy, and winters are windy. Bethany’s sky is partly cloudy year-round. In September, it offers pleasant warmth and a tranquil flow of air. However, the overall climate of Bethany Beach is gentle unless any storm or hurricane alert is announced. 

Average Temperature in Bethany Beach, DE Source: Weather-and-climate.comrV0Hh9 0TcgSDysyxynKAYN89RtabZKvJ6sgGcilTL5p9YSTLHDbSm7xqoxZ2L1r0xR9Ed cTFL6mqECIu3KPXR 5SNPp5vkHhQDJoC7OE qhnarERzfEqW3251b5N05Eq5B8Yq5LMud2 HDXB 7adA

Image link: https://weather-and-climate.com/uploads/average-temperature-united-states-of-america-bethany-beach-delaware-us.png

Well-preserved and Clean Shore-line

Bethany is a well-maintained coastal town. The beach is always clean, making it very suitable for soaking up the sun and leisurely walks despite the fact that it is publicly accessible.  

To ensure a safe and healthy vacation environment, the beach is cleaned at least three times a week and acutely monitored to secure compliance with hygiene standards.

Low Taxes

Delaware is one of the tax-friendly states. It has the seventh lowest property tax rate in the US. Being part of Delaware, the people of Bethany enjoy lower taxes on trusts, zero sales tax, and high government expenditures. As a Sussex County town, Bethany offers the lowest property tax rate within the state.

Property Tax Rates by County, Delaware, US

County Name Tax Rate
Sussex County0.35%
Kent County0.51%
New Castle County0.77%

Top 10 US States With The Lowest Property Taxes

State Name Average Effective Tax Rate
Puerto Rico0.55%
South Carolina0.56%
Washington, D.C.0.57%

How much a beach-front home costs

Owning a sea-front property is challenging because of high borrowing costs, but a profitable investment. In addition to living in a beach house, many part-time residents rent out their property to earn income during the summer months.

The price of beach-front homes in Bethany Beach is from $1.05M to $2.8M differing in luxury, space, and facilities. Affordable listings are coming up at this coast with moderate accommodation and floor size.

Number of bedNumber of Bathsq.ft.Price (Million)Monthly HOA

A place of suburban and rural mix with an exquisite sea life is none other than the quiet resort, Bethany Beach. Apart from the influx of tourism, Bethany has ample facilities to be called home. With refreshing essence, high livability and quality healthcare, Bethany can be an ideal town for your retirement or happier life.

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