5 Reasons You Can’t Keep Your House Clean

Scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, you come across picture-perfect houses. They might make you think everyone has a neat and tidy home. You might really be in a fix wondering why you can’t keep your home clean like them. You must remember that the photos you see on social media reflect a small fraction of people’s lives and homes. It isn’t always possible to have a perfect home all the time unless you have a live-in maid.

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Why Can’t You Keep Your House Clean And How To Fix It

Let’s explore a few reasons why you are finding it challenging to keep your house clean and a few tips to keep your home tidy and clean. After going through these tips, you can decide whether to try cleaning the home yourself or employ a house cleaning service to do it. Read more about it here for more cleaning tips.

Not Knowing Where To Start

You need to understand that you aren’t required to clean your whole house in one day, especially if you are overwhelmed with cleaning and don’t know where to start. You can feel demotivated to start cleaning if your home is too messy, knowing that cleaning it all is enormous.

Instead, you should focus on cleaning one room or area at a time. If cleaning the entire room is too much to handle, focus on cleaning one corner or shelf at a time. Cleaning that completely will motivate you to keep going.

Set a cleaning time of 15 minutes if you struggle to get started. You should clean an area in that time without any distractions. Once you start cleaning this way, you will see that you can clean more than you thought. Of course, not everyone will have the drive to clean their own house, so that is where professional house cleaning services can come in handy.

You Have Too Much Stuff

Many people just have a lot more stuff than they need, contributing to making their home look untidy. If your home always appears cluttered with a lot of stuff, then you have a lot more stuff than you need. You might have more options for storage, but if you remove extra stuff, you will save the money you would have had to spend cleaning the place.

Not being able to do your laundry all at once because you don’t have room in your closet to keep all your clothes clearly should tell you that you need fewer clothes. This is also true for other items, such as dishes, sitting outside because you don’t have any more storage to put them in. 

You can place an empty box around the center of your home. You can put the items you feel you need to get rid of inside the box. Then, as the box starts to fill up, you can decide whether you want to donate the items or give them away to someone. This is a great way to clean your house.

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There Are A Lot Of Distractions

It is easy to get distracted when you are cleaning. You can start by putting something away; then you will find something in another room that you feel needs to be cleaned. In the meantime, you will bring food out for dinner, and check your mail, and you won’t realize it before an hour goes by. So you need to keep your phone somewhere that won’t distract you. 

Grab a few boxes where the first box will contain items you will get rid of by selling, donating, and giving away. Put the things that don’t belong in that room in the second box. You can put them away after you have finished cleaning the room. And the third bag will be used for trash. This way, you won’t walk all over the house and save precious time by being focused on cleaning.

You Don’t Have Enough Time

Finding the time to clean might be difficult when you have work and a family to juggle. So you must remember that you are not required to clean the house in one day. You can set aside up to 30 minutes each evening and a few more hours during the weekend to clean. You can think of hiring help if you have a lot of family obligations and long hours at work.

Hiring a house cleaning service to clean your home a few times a month will save you money. This is because this person won’t get distracted as you would if you attempted to do the cleaning yourself. In addition, once they finish a few cleaning sessions, the cleaning might become more manageable, reducing the time required to clean. This will enable you to take over the cleaning yourself. 

Having Unrealistic Expectations 

You might feel that your efforts to keep your home clean are inadequate if you compare your house to another person’s. This often demotivates you, driving you to give up on the cleaning altogether. You must remember that the houses you see on social media are perfect only while the photo is being taken. Your home might only be clean and tidy once your kids have gone to bed. 

Your housework duties and cleaning routine might slip for a few weeks if you just had a new baby or there is a significant increase in your work hours. So you must have realistic expectations of your cleaning capacity and how clean you can keep your house. Having unrealistic expectations will demotivate you into giving up.

Summing Up

Keeping your house clean and tidy is possible only if you can get the schedule right and follow the simple tips mentioned above. How effectively you manage your time and how often you carry out cleaning sessions will impact your motivation to clean. If it is indeed getting too overwhelming for you, it is never too late to hire expert cleaning services. Good luck with keeping your house clean.

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