5 Signs Your Home Needs A Sewage Cleanup Service

Sewers play a crucial role in ensuring water flows smoothly in and out of your house, however, many homeowners usually overlook their importance. This is, without a doubt, understandable, considering how challenging it is to find the time to confirm whether the drains are properly cleaned. However, you shouldn’t make this mistake because it might result in health hazards that will affect your loved ones and others in your neighborhood. 

Hence, it’s best to take note of the tell-tale signs your home needs a drain cleanup before it’s too late. With proper maintenance of the plumbing system, you’ll be able to prevent extensive damage, which is costly to repair. So, without further ado, here are the signs that you need to avail yourself of a sewage cleanup service: 

5 Signs Your Home Needs A Sewage Cleanup Service

Slow Drainage 

The first sign you need to schedule a sewage cleanup Orlando or wherever you’re located is slow drainage, which is often caused by a blockage in the main sewer. This happens when soap, grease, hair, and other items accumulate over time in the drainage. If you notice slow water drainage in one of your sinks at home, make sure to check others too, including those in the basement, bathroom, and kitchen. And if this issue is persistent in the tubs and sinks, call an expert to repair the drainage right away.   

You must never assume that the slow drainage issue will get better on its own eventually. It’s also not advisable to use DIY techniques, such as drain cleaning chemicals, to remove the blockage. Instead, leave this work to a professional plumber to guarantee optimal cleaning of your plumbing system. 

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Weird Sounds 

Your home’s drainage system should always be silent, except, of course, when the bathtub empties with a gurgling sound or when you use running water. But if your showers, sinks, and toilets are producing odd bubbling or gurgling sounds, this is a clear sign of clogged drainage. A sewage treatment company called sedot wc jakarta selatan explains that this usually happens because water can’t freely flow through the drainage and, instead, changes direction to start flowing downstream or forces itself through tighter spaces. 

If you hear these kinds of weird sounds in your drainage, you’ll need to have some cleaning done. While you can use a plunger to address the clog that’s causing the issue, the ideal solution is to hire a licensed plumber. With suitable expertise and experience, they’ll examine your sewer, find the precise location of the blockage, and clean out the drainage to remove any form of blockage. 

Water Backup 

Another noticeable sign is water backing up often in the sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet. As this happens, you’ll hear a bubbling sound too. Water backup is usually caused by waste materials, such as food debris blocking the smooth flow of water through the drainage pipes. As a result, water doesn’t have a path to flow through other than back into your home. 

Thus, you need to schedule immediate cleanup of your drain, despite this process often being hectic to carry out and expensive. Otherwise, you risk causing severe damage to your property if the sewage water overflows and finds its way into your home. Besides being unsanitary and harmful to you and your family, restoring your home to its previous condition will be costlier. 


If you notice an increase in the number of fruit flies in your house, this could be a sign it’s time for a sewage cleanup. Fruit flies start to gather because they’re typically attracted to unclean areas. But if all parts of your home are neat, the issue might be with the drainage pipes where waste materials have been collected. Drain cleaning will help eliminate this waste in the sewer and, subsequently, the fruit flies.  

Strange Smells  

The foul smell of sewage is the last thing you’d want in your home. So, when you start noticing unexplained, awful odors, even after ensuring your place is clean, you’ll have to take a look at your drains. It’s recommended you do this even when your plumbing system is in perfect working condition. 

Those strange smells from the system are usually the result of the accumulation of wasted materials in the pipes. The issue can simply be resolved by hiring professionals to clean the drain. Once the system is clean, the stench will no longer be there.

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The sewer ensures your home’s plumbing system is working perfectly well. But from time to time, it requires occasional cleanups up by a professional because it eventually accumulates food waste, hygiene products, and other materials and wears out. But to know whether you need sewage cleanup service, watch out for these warning signs. By being familiar with them, you’ll save yourself from dealing with more serious plumbing issues in the future that are more expensive to address. 

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