5 Ways to Make Your Move Eco Friendly

Ecology is highly valued in the modern world. Those who have moved at least once in their lives know how problematic and resource-intensive it is to buy moving boxes, packing materials, etc. It always leads to large quantities of cardboard and packing film that are ultimately sent to landfills polluting the environment.

Professional moving company Got2Move offers eco-friendly moving because environmental care has become one of the principles of their work in the modern market.

If sustainability is important to you and you want to minimize the environmental impact, contact a moving company San Jose to Los Angeles where specialists will help you find the environment-friendly solution and optimize the whole operation. Follow these simple relocation guidelines to reduce unnecessary waste.

Make Your Move Eco Friendly

Host a Garage Sale – Then Donate the Rest

A garage sale is a good idea before moving. It will allow you to get extra money and get rid of unnecessary things. If you can’t sell everything, you don’t have to throw it in a landfill. You can donate the rest to people in need.

Use Alternatives to Plastic Covers

Choose environment-friendly packing materials. Using packaging made from alternative materials (old towels, blankets) will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste when moving.

Cut Old Clothes and Linens into Rags              

If you have enough old clothes, don’t throw them away. It can be used as rags for cleaning or packing things.

Wrap Fragile Decor in Soft Fabrics Instead of Newspaper

Use towels and soft blankets instead of disposable packing materials or newspapers. Using what you have creates less waste, making your move environmentally friendly.

Do fewer back and forth trips

To take one step further towards sustainability, avoid unnecessary travel between your old home and your new home. After all, the more you have to travel back and forth to your new home, the more impact you will have on the environment. 

Hiring a moving company that cares about nature is one of the best practices for an environmentally sustainable relocation. Such companies have the best equipment and knowledge to make your move in the most eco-friendly way.

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