Glass Home Decor: 5 Ways To Use Glass in Your Interior Design

In feng shui, glass acts as a water element. When properly used, water elements bring courage, financial prosperity, and healthy energy to your home. That’s why glass home decor is a great addition to your space.

So how can you incorporate more glass decor in your interior design? We have a few great ideas.

Glass Home Decor - 5 Ways To Use Glass in Your Interior Design

1. Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are some of the most common ways we see people decorating with glass. You’ve probably seen glass entertainment consoles, patio tables, and more.

On top of bringing the water element into your space to increase the energy flow, glass tabletops are a great way to protect your surfaces, especially high-quality woods.

Glass tabletops can also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, which only increases their versatility. You can even order a custom glass table top to create a unique furniture piece.

2. Glass Cabinet Doors

The kitchen is a great place to incorporate more glass, and glass cabinet doors are practical and beautiful. If you have fine china or beautiful dishes, glass cabinet doors give you the feeling of open shelf cabinets without the extra work of regular dusting.

3. Glass Sculptures

Beautiful and unique, glass sculptures are a great art piece to help you fill out an empty corner, and bring chi energy into your space.

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To get the most out of your sculpture, take your time to find the best piece that speaks to you. The intention you put into choosing your art will make it all the more valuable, personal, and beautiful, to truly create a unique space.

4. Floating Glass Shelving

Floating shelves are all the rage. So let’s make them out of glass. Glass shelves add depth to your home without taking up visual space. Plus it’s cool to make the rest of your stuff look like it’s floating on empty air.

When you opt for floating glass shelves, make sure you take care to properly secure them to the wall, and be aware of how much weight they can safely hold. Tempered glass is the best pick for glass shelving since it’s durable enough to hold weight without cracking.

5. Glass Interior Doors

Glass interior doors may not be the best choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, they’re great throughout the rest of the house. Glass doors can still create quiet, while they allow a freer flow of energy throughout the house.

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Glass doors also suggest that you have nothing to hide. You can spice up your doors further by getting gold lettering, accent handles, or textured glass doors instead.

Glass Home Decor Is Perfect to Create a Unique Space

To improve your home’s interior design and boost the chi energy in your feng shui, glass home decor is vital and beautiful.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate glass decor into your home. Try anything from a stunning glass sculpture to a protective glass tabletop.

We have great tips to help you create the beautiful home of your dreams. Check out our home tips for more.

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