6 Helpful Tips When Buying A Wood Heater

A wood heater can bring joy to the whole family. Heat generated from a properly secured wood burning stove is one of the world’s most reliable and efficient heat sources. If your home’s heating system has failed you, a wood heater may be the answer. Buying a wood heater adds value to your life as well as your home, but it pays to be educated before making a purchase.

6 Helpful Tips When Buying A Wood Heater 2022

Here’s a list of tips you need to keep in mind when buying a wood heater:

Buy From A Trusted Supplier

It’s extremely important to choose a reliable wood heater supplier. You can be reassured about the quality and the after-sale service with the right dealer. Not just that, an established supplier can also provide you some peace of mind, since you’re more confident that they won’t go out of business when you’re in need of their services.

Although the price of their products will definitely influence your choice, remember that price isn’t the only consideration. When selecting a wood heaters Australia supplier, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind, such as reliability, quality, and efficiency. Your preferences, home’s needs, and décor are also crucial considerations. 

Choose What Best Suits You: Free Standing or Inbuilt

Depending on your style preference, house interior design, and space, choose a wood heater that best suits your situation. 

Which heater is best for your home? Here are some important points to consider:

  1. Aesthetics
  2.  Warmth
  3. Cost
  4. Safety

Remember that heaters can be dangerous. To ensure safety inside your home, it’s advisable that you buy a fireguard or kid safety gate. Moreover, you can use fireguards around free-standing heaters. Modern heaters, whether free-standing or built-in, are unlikely to fail if properly installed and maintained.

Pick The Right Size

You must ensure that the size of the heater you purchase is suitable for the size of the place or residence you intend to heat. The size of the stove should not be excessive, and you should avoid purchasing a stove that’s too small for the area. Your dealer will assist you in determining which size is the most appropriate for your specific measurements.

Buy Certified Heaters

It’s necessary to ensure that the heater conforms with the local standards before purchasing. Heaters that comply with local standards are built to withstand specific environmental conditions.

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Prepare For Use And Maintenance

The wood heater requires frequent maintenance to function properly. To ensure your new stove is safe and efficient, clean it regularly. It’s important to remove creosote accumulation and inspect the chimney for flaws that could cause chimney accidents or carbon monoxide incursions. 

Inspect the stove periodically for proper operation. Inspect the stove pipe for corrosion where it links to the chimney and the inside of the stove for cracks in the brick or destroyed baffles. If anything needs fixing, call your stove provider or examine the product’s manual.

Plan For Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is also vital in wood heater systems. Wood heaters require sufficient ventilation because of the smoke and soot. You’ll need to consult a local expert for advice on fire safety guidelines. In general, insulated metal pipes, heat shields on walls, and specific insulation are required.

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Benefits Of A Wood Heater

Below are the benefits of a wood heater: 

  • Effective heat output: The heat output of a wood stove is one of its most appreciated attributes. A wood heater is an efficient heat source that quickly warms a room.
  • Decorative and stylish: Wood burning stoves are not only a great source of heat in the colder days, but they also look great. When you add one to your house, it becomes a fresh focal point, adding style and character.
  • Energy-efficient: Wood burning heaters are extremely energy efficient as a source of heat. While an open fireplace is approximately 20% to 25% efficient, a wood stove can reach up to 80% efficiency.
  • Money-saving: With energy prices continually increasing, many people find it difficult to heat their homes via gas or electricity. Due to the energy efficiency of wood-burning stoves, they can be helpful in terms of cost savings.
  • Fun with family and friends: You can spend time bonding with your family, friends, and loved ones when a wood burner is beautifully blazing away and heating up your living space.


Wood heaters now come in a variety of types and brands. Heating with today’s high-efficiency stoves saves money and time. You may consider all the tips mentioned above and make sure to choose the best wood heater for your home and lifestyle.

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