Here’s a Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Winter

A home needs a lot of attention. Therefore, if we begin to ignore it, our comfort zone will eventually begin to deteriorate. After all, a neglected home can become too much to handle for any homeowner out there. So now that the winter season is almost here,  it is the best time to start thinking about home maintenance and preparing it for the chilly season. Here, we will shed light on the checklist that you need to embrace to keep your home happy and prepared for the new season:

Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Check the Heating and AC System of the House

Typical heating or air condition system will easily last between 12 to 15 years. So before the weather changes, it is recommended that you replace the filters. Get a professional contractor on board for the home to get inspected.

They will not only identify the loopholes in the current system but will also see if anything needs to be replaced. Because most people require hot water during winter, it is crucial to get the heating system checked on time. Therefore, if your home requires the RV hot water heater, the expert will recommend you to get it on time. If the problem is mild, try to get it fixed on time.

Seal the Hard Surfaces

If you have a stunning patio, it needs attention too. For instance, if you have a concrete patio, walkways and driveways have to be protected no matter what. However, if you don’t have plans to dedicate an elaborate budget for this activity, you can apply the concrete sealer to make things work.

However, every concrete flatwork will eventually form large cracks. Get a professional onboard and see if they can come up with a different technique to solve the problem. Make sure to sift through the building and spend enough time looking after the cracks on the patio. This will eventually cut the chances of incurring high costs on the concrete work in the future.

Take Care of the Exterior Wood

The wooden part of the home exterior has to be protected fully. Although the wood on the deck is usually pressure-treated and can withstand extreme temperatures, you still need to take care of it before it starts to snow. Most experts believe that the wood in the exterior part of the home isn’t as thick as the one inside.

This is why modern homes usually have rotten wood outside the exterior doors. Because replacing the entire deck will be a major cost, you can ask professionals to repair it. The easiest way to rest assured about the strength of the wood is to make sure it doesn’t rot. Before any of this happens, inspect your home and see how you can make a difference to every part of the woodwork outside the house.

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Clean Your Gutters

Once the leaves start to get off the trees, you will have very little time to avoid them from getting stuck in the gutters of your property. After all, when the gutters are stuck with many leaves, they tend to overflow. This eventually causes the water to run down your home and will deteriorate the exterior at a much faster rate.

Even worse, it can also cause massive damage to the foundations of your property. Especially if you have a basement too, it will get deteriorated with running water flowing through the gutters into the base of the property. So, before all of this begins, it is best to get the gutters cleaned as soon as you can.

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Test the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Unfortunately, winter Is a time when the highest number of house fire incidents are recorded. It is also a time when the building fires and the furnace blasts are at their peak. Because the home is much likely to remain tight, carbon monoxide will pose a big threat.

Make sure to check all the smoke detectors to see if they are working properly. Secondly, if your home doesn’t have any carbon monoxide detectors, buy some right now. Furthermore, the HVAC inspection will assure you about the loopholes in the property and present itself as the most viable resource for carbon monoxide.

Clean Your chimney

Before you set up the cozy fireplace, it Is best to get the chimney cleaned. After all, the next couple of months will be spent close to the fireplace. Therefore, a clean chimney will make it easy for the entire family to come together at one spot and get rid of any sort of pollution within the house.

Take out some time to cover the wood in the yard and get rid of the rotten firewood. On the contrary, a dirty chimney will only cause breathing issues for everyone in the house.

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Shut Down the Pool

Make sure to check the pool and ensure that it is shut. Closing the pool yourself is much better than asking an expert to visit your property and make an effort. Even if you’ve not touched the pool in the entire year, fall registers as the right time for pool maintenance and to get it closed.

Because pool contractors tend to get busy during springtime here, you also need to ensure that the sprinkler system is shut down. Most conventional sprinklers require the lines to be drawn. Again, it’s best to allow a professional to do this work. Even if you’re an avid DIYer, the work of a professional will be unmatchable.

Prepare The Lawn For Winter

If you want the lawn to look stunning during winter, you have to give it attention now. Bear in mind; the new grass won’t grow in extreme temperatures. Therefore, if you want the new grass to blossom, you only have months of September and October to make this happen. So if you overlook fall, you will cut half of your time to fulfill this goal. Secondly, when you get the heat breaks, you will get more time to grow the lawn to its fullest. 

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