What Are the Benefits of Heating Oil for HVAC?

When there are so many choices of sources for heating your residence, it can be confusing to choose the best option. There are choices such as natural gas, electricity, heating oil, and propane available in the market, subject to limitations in their availability. For instance, natural gas is not easily available in remote towns and rural areas.

However, heating oil is the most popular alternative since it is easily delivered across all locations. Heating oil is also the most preferred kind of fuel due to several other reasons. This blog will explore the benefits of heating oil and why you should opt for it in home heating systems. Curious to know more? Stay tuned and keep reading!

What Are the Benefits of Heating Oil for HVAC

Efficient Source of Energy

We all are aware of how an oil furnace generates more heat than a natural gas furnace in the same time period. New oil furnaces come with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 99 percent in the market.

This means they utilize all of the fuel save 1%  to heat your house instead of letting it get wasted as combustion gas. Gas or propane heating systems come with AFUE ratings just as high, but they don’t generate the same amount of heat as heating oil per unit of fuel they consume.

Easily Available

If you live on Long Island or any such remote area, finding a few home heating fuels like natural gas can be a task because they are not available at all places. However, heating oil is easily found everywhere, can be stored easily, and has no locational setbacks as the other fuels.

You can see where Romeo’s delivers on Long Island to have a constant supply for heating oil. Whether you live in a well-connected city or a rural town, you will not run short of heating oil supply.

Safer Alternative

Although we are always at a tiny risk of exposure to carbon monoxide with any kind of heating system based on combustion, a heating oil furnace is a safer choice to go with, unlike propane and natural gas. Heating oil will not explode like natural gas or propane, which is a huge relief for all families.

This itself makes oil heating systems’ biggest benefits. It’s uncommon for your oil storage tank to leak. However, if that happens, it still doesn’t present a danger level close to natural gas or propane tank leaks. While comparing heating oil and other ranges of home heating fuels, remember that a small amount of heating oil generates a substantial amount of heat, outperforming natural gas.

More Durable and Cost-effective

Using heating oil for your home will last you longer than a gas or propane furnace. A heating oil system will last you about 25 efficient years or even more with periodic maintenance, whereas a gas furnace gives you about a dozen years or so. Combined with the affordability of heating oil, it is a more cost-effective alternative for your home heating. 

Wrapping Up:

If you already have a home heating system that needs a change, consider the benefits of heating oil before you make the switch. It would help your pocket while lasting you much longer than other heating systems.

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  1. It is good to know that heating oil is a safer choice for your home than propane or natural gas. My husband and I need to choose the best kind of fuel to use for our HVAC system in our new home. We’ll have to invest in quality home heating oils from a reputable provider.

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