7 Alarming Signs You Need to Replace Your Mattress

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A faulty mattress or simply a very old mattress is indeed a major factor in why people don’t get a good night’s sleep as opposed to poor sleep.

However, it can be difficult to let go of something you’ve owned for a while and have grown accustomed to. The old mattress must have served as a place for you to unwind after a hard day, sleep on at night, and provide comfort when you are ill. 

Moreover, the cost to replace your mattress can be quite substantial but there’s nothing you can do if it becomes essential.

How can you tell whether your mattress needs to be replaced? To help you answer this question, we have listed and explained the seven signs you need to know that it’s time to replace your mattress. Read this article to learn more about these signs!

7 Visible Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

In this section, we have jotted down seven signs you need to know that it’s time to replace your mattress.

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  • Age of the Mattress Is More Than Eight Years

The lifespan of mattresses varies between different mattresses. The longest-lasting mattress lasts between twelve and fifteen years.

A mattress with inner springs can last for about eight years. The lifespan of your mattress depends on how well you maintain it. If your mattress is older than eight years, it might be time to replace it anyway.

Investing in a high-quality mattress is crucial since it will determine how long it lasts and how beneficial it is for your body.

Your mattress should typically be replaced every six to eight years, even if you do not see any visible or significant changes, as after eight to ten years, mattresses naturally start deteriorating naturally.

  • Sagging Mattress

The most obvious first sign you should look for is sagging. Sagging may result when the memory foam of a mattress starts deforming compared to its initial structure. In addition, sagging may result when the coils of a mattress start to loosen. 

You will notice a visible body imprint in the mattress structure itself and be able to tell that it is sagging in part. Hence, when you notice that your mattress is sagging, it might be time to replace it.

Furthermore, when you start noticing that after you get up from sitting on the mattress if your mattress doesn’t immediately take on its usual form, it could be another sign to replace the current mattress.

  • Bad Smell

Another sign could be a bad smell. Your mattress might already be starting to smell if it is wearing out, which is probably not a pleasant thought to have.

This can develop over time when mildew, fungi, and mold accumulate in the mattress, which happens more if you reside in a moist climate, where it may happen much more quickly.

And hence, it could be time to replace your mattress if you take a sniff and detect a strong musty odor.

  • The Mattress Makes A Lot Of Noise

In addition to the bad smell, noise from the mattress could be a significant sign.

If your mattress is making screeching or squeaking noises, it may be time to replace it. This mainly affects coil-filled mattresses, and the problem can be resolved by tightening any fasteners in the mattress and box spring.

A noisy mattress may also indicate that springs are beginning to droop and may not be as supportive as they once were. In this case, you may not be receiving the support you require.

  • Your Allergies Seem to Have Worsened

It might not be a direct sign that your worsened allergy means that your mattress is in a bad state, but there is a significant correlation.

If your sensitivities have become worse even though it’s not allergy season, this could be due to the worsening condition of the mattress.

Respiratory issues brought on by dust mite feces can exacerbate allergies and asthma. More dust mite problems than you might imagine can arise from an old mattress.

Despite the fact that older mattresses often have the largest concentration of dust mites of any object in your home, your old mattress could also have other types of pests. 

Hence, if you notice you are more allergic, then it might be time to replace your mattress. 

  • You Wake Up Sweating

Another sign that your mattress may need to be changed is if you frequently start waking up sweaty.

It’s a solid indication that the mattress is deteriorating if you didn’t experience such a temperature issue when you first purchased the mattress. 

Hence, if you start waking up sweating or feeling overheated, it is high time that you change your mattress since the current one will only hamper your sleep.

  • Waking Up With Pain Or Soreness 

The final indication that your mattress needs to be replaced is difficulty sleeping.

Waking up in agony isn’t something you should just get used to. If this is a problem, it is especially crucial to pay attention and replace the mattress.

The mattress may be the source of your inability to sleep, even if you are not aware of your pain or have just come to terms with it. By spending one night in a different bed, you can learn this.

If you experience severe pain when you get up after sleeping, your mattress may not be as cozy or accommodating as it once was.

Your mattress may not be alleviating pressure from certain regions, which could cause pain in your neck, hips, or shoulders. If you neglect the pain, it could develop into more serious problems.

Hence, when you realize that the core reason behind the pain is the mattress, it’s high time you replace it. When replacing your mattress, though, make sure you research all the different types of mattresses and choose the one that will be the most suitable for you. 


In this article, you learned all the seven most alarming signs you need to know that it’s time to replace your mattress, and we hope that these signs will help you understand the situation of your mattress. Once you have figured out that your mattress needs to be replaced, start comparing and get the best mattress to get back nights full of long and deep sleeping hours. But make sure that you remember some of the basic guidelines for buying a new mattress

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