Ontario’s Best Mattress Types Explained with their Perks 

Our hectic schedules may not let us realize but sleep matters a lot to all of us. A sound sleep is enough to help you get rid of many health issues like – migraines, puffy eyes, depression, increased stress, etc. 

Ontarios Best Mattress Types Explained with their Perks

And in return, what it asks for?

Sound sleep demands a comfortable mattress is making you sleep like a baby. If you don’t go for a quality mattress, you may end up experiencing severe back pain. Thus, make sure you choose a mattress that’s right for your body type. 

Additionally, according to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, up to 11 million Canadian living in Ontario and other nearby areas are suffering from severe backache. This makes at least one in eight people suffer from chronic backache or body pain.

These statistics make backache a significant health issue throughout Ontario. However, people take some precautionary measures to get rid of it, but it isn’t making a significant difference. 

Many people tend to neglect the factors to make a wise buy, and the most common reason is budget. However, there are average and good-quality mattress options in different price ranges. All you need is to be good with your research and make the right move. 

To be your helping hand in the journey of choosing the right mattress for your home, here is a line of different mattresses readily available in the market, along with their highlighting benefits. Evaluate all of them before you make your decision. 

Some most popular mattresses options are available to suit your unique sleeping needs – 

Orthopedic mattresses

People who have arthritis find these mattresses as a boon for their body ache. It helps heal osteoporosis or any other body or muscle pain ending up in different health issues.\

This is the reason why most practitioners recommend going for orthopedic mattresses, as they offer maximum comfort and back support without hampering your body posture.

In addition, these mattresses are good enough to bend due to normal pressure helping you heal back, neck, or hip pain. 

Ultimate perks of orthopedic mattresses include

Encourages the correct body posture – One of the most enormous benefits of choosing orthopedic mattresses above any other type is the excessive improvement in body posture. It helps to keep your spine well-positioned, helping you get a better body posture. 

Introduces advanced sleep support – Reputed manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses keep the ergonomic shape, weight, body contours in mind. All these factors end up making it the best mattresses in Ontario and nearby areas.

Orthopedic mattresses support the human body’s physiological features, which are hard to find in any other mattress available in the marketplace.

Memory foam mattresses

Who would not wish to sleep on mattresses which are infused with NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) technology?

Memory foam mattresses are made with NASA technology to ensure better body contouring, support while offering the best pressure relief on the body. This has increased the demand for memory foam mattresses by 20% in the market.

Furthermore, memory foam mattresses come in three different types: air cool, traditional, and gel-infused memory foam. 

Air cool memory foam – This mattress type offers an appropriate body heat transfer feature that maintains the right body temperature while enjoying your sound sleep. 

Traditional memory foam – It helps you maintain and improve blood circulation while you sleep. People suffering from skin allergies or asthma can reap the maximum benefits out of this mattress type. 

Gel-infused memory foam mattress – This unique mattress type is a pro in absorbing excessive body heat while keeping the body temperature neutral for you to feel comfortable while sleeping. It is an effective solution to reducing the overall body pressure on the mattress. 

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Some standard perks of memory foam mattresses are

Pro-active towards temperature control – These mattresses are genius to adjust the human body temperature automatically. It controls and adjusts the temperature according to the body heating potential, ensuring comfortable sleep throughout the night. 

Weight adjustments – It absorbs and isolates the body’s motion helping an individual adjust with the mattress’s foam. In simple language, it balances the bodyweight of a man and woman evenly, which won’t disturb your partner’s sleep and body posture if you get out of bed. 

Allergy-friendly product – It has polyurethane foam made with inorganic fiber, highlighting the USP of this mattress. This fiber feature eliminates dirt particles and debris from hampering the quality of mattress foam. All in all, it ensures a safe and clean sleep environment for you. 

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Spring mattresses

The spring mattress comprises a quality coil system wrapped around the soft fabric to give it a perfect-looking shape. As these mattresses are easy to manufacture and assemble, spring mattresses are available much lower than the other options available in the market. The two most common types of spring mattresses are – 

Pocket spring mattresses – This mattress type encompasses an individual spring stitched under a comforting foam layer to ensure the best comfort possible. Pocket spring mattresses are independent and permit pressure point relief. It consists of more coils than any other mattress offers. 

Bonnell spring mattresses – It is one of the most common types of traditional mattresses you will ever encounter. These mattresses have an hourglass shape to ensure deep-down support. As its coil system is ordinary, people often use it for guest bedrooms. 

Some untold benefits of going for spring mattresses are

Affordability – Spring mattresses are ultra-comforting and affordable to purchase. Plus, it comes in different varieties to choose from. 

No out-gas odor – Spring mattresses do not end up in out-gas odor issues common to find in foam mattresses. This makes it a wiser choice to invest in. 

Good air circulation – One of the biggest perks of a spring mattress is it ensures a better ventilation system than any other mattress available in the market. And the secret behind it is that spring mattresses do not rely on body temperature fluctuations. 

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The last word 

Mattresses make a massive difference in your sleeping order, postures, and quality. There are several mattresses available in the market to keep up with your sleeping experience. All you need is to go for the right one and relish a sound sleep like never before. 

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