7 Backyard Makeover Ideas That Increase Home Value 

Having a backyard can help to improve your home’s curb appeal if you design it right. But if you choose to ignore its maintenance while also keeping it plain, it might just look like a regular yard, which won’t help to increase your home value.

While it might not matter to some people, this is a must for those looking to sell their property in the future.   

5 Steps to Design Your Backyard

To help you out, below are some backyard makeover ideas that help to increase your home value:  

  1. Add A Pergola 

Adding shade to your backyard would surely help improve its appearance. It makes the space more comfortable and relaxing as you dedicate it to a spot people can hang out in.

While there are plenty of shade options you can choose from, installing a pergola from Hardie Boys can help make your backyard look more sophisticated. With its modern touch, it can surely upscale your entire property. You can even add some sheer curtains on each side of the wall and tie them nicely to create a romantic and luxurious effect.

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  1. Build A Permanent Fire Pit 

If you’re living in colder climates, adding a permanent firepit in your backyard could elevate its functionality and look. This way, you can allow everyone to have a place outdoors to warm up and share a good conversation with their family and friends. You can even place some comfortable chairs around the fire pit, allowing everyone to sit comfortably as they warm themselves up, share stories, and roast some marshmallows.   

  1. Construct A Porch 

If your backdoor leads out immediately to your backyard, it might be beneficial to build a porch. This way, you’ll have extra space to sit or lay comfortably and enjoy the view of your yard. It’ll be an excellent place to do your hobbies and tasks or just go out and unwind while you read a book and drink a cup of coffee.

To spruce up your porch, it’ll be great if you could enhance your ceiling treatments to make it look more sophisticated and well-structured. You can consult with various companies like hardieboysinc.com and listen to their suggestions on what’ll work best for your property.     

  1. Provide Landscaping 

Of course, your backyard wouldn’t be complete without any greenery. Apart from the grass, it’d be great if you could provide better landscaping for the entire lot. You could create a dedicated garden or allow the beauty of nature to surround your whole property.

You can either hire a landscaping artist or try to be creative yourself. As you include trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers, you must ensure they’ll strive well in your environment while also putting similar plants together. Learn how much water and sunlight they need before you place them near each other and check their aesthetics.  

  1. Build An Outdoor Kitchen 

Almost everyone loves to spend their Sunday afternoon with a backyard BBQ. While you can simply take out a grill and cook BBQs, it’ll be great if you could have an outdoor kitchen that you can freely cook in.

This way, you’re no longer limited to things you can cook outside. Instead of having an electric oven, you might want to go with a brick oven to keep yourself from worrying about any electrical outlets. Plus, their natural beauty can also help improve your yard’s appearance.   

As you add your outdoor kitchen, you might want to complete the look by including outdoor seating that allows everyone to dine out and have fun with your freshly cooked meals.  

  1. Consider Adding A Pool 

Adding a pool to your backyard would surely help increase your home value instantly. However, before adding one, you must ensure that your yard has enough space and can handle the pool’s weight. If it does, then feel free to do so. All you have to do is decide on the depth and shape, which should instantly help make your property look sparkly and fascinating.    

  1. Add Plenty Of Outdoor Lighting 

While it might seem trivial, outdoor lighting can contribute to your home value. Even if you only spot them at night, they can help to make your backyard look more beautiful. With that, you should add plenty of outdoor lighting that helps to light up your yard.

But ensure that you balance it well, as you don’t want to blind your neighbors at night. Ideally, you should add beautiful wall lights, spotlights to your landscape, a post, and string lights that go over your seating area. With the right combination of fixtures, your yard will surely look great.


Giving your backyard a makeover could be something that’ll help to increase its home value. While there are plenty of things you can do to your backyard, keep in mind that it should be balanced and match your home exterior. Allow your yard to be a great spot to relax or even help grow its value with the above ideas.   

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