9 Things to Do If You Get Locked Out of Your Home

9 Things to Do If You Get Locked Out of Your Home

How do you get into your home when you’ve been locked out? What would you do if you were in this situation?

Locking your main door before you get out is an essential security measure for everyone. But many find this process extremely stressful since it interrupts their regular living habits. We’ve all made the mistake of forgetting or misplacing house keys, and the panic following through when we are unable to enter our homes.

We’ve made a list of things you can do if you get locked out of your home, and hopefully, when the situation comes, you can think on your feet.

  1. Contact Other Family Members or Friends

One of the most common problems people face is locking themselves out of their houses. Over half of homeowners experience lockouts at least once per year. Fortunately, these situations can be prevented. 

It’s not until something goes wrong that people realize they are at risk. This is why you should contact your friends or relatives when you find yourself locked out of your home. Seek their assistance to figure out a way to reenter your home.

For future reference, leave a spare key with a reliable family member who lives nearby. You can always count on them the next time you lock yourself out of your home. 

  1. Find a Neighbor

People often forget to get help from neighbors when they are in trouble. But they should be your priority as they are the person that lives close to you. In case of need, you should seek their assistance first.

Everyone has experienced lockouts at some point in their lives. Whether it’s because you forgot your keys or someone else stole them, finding a way back into your house can be tricky.

If nothing works, you can consider asking your neighbors to bring out a drilling machine to help you drill out the lock. Remember, you’d have to replace it when drilling out a lock.

  1. Break Down the Door

If you can’t unlock the door and other options are not suitable for your situation then you might need to break down the door. Use a hammer or screwdriver to pry off the hinges. Pry off the handle and pull the door away from the frame.

If the door won’t budge, try using a fire extinguisher to spray the lock. If that doesn’t work, smash the glass panes with a hammer or a heavy object to get inside your house.

  1. Call Your Landlord

Being locked out of your house can be stressful and inconvenient. The last thing you want to deal with is having to call your landlord to let them into your property.

However, calling your landlord is the best way to ensure they come to your rescue. They always have a spare key, so it may be really useful to call them up and discuss your situation with them. 

Contact them as soon as possible if you need assistance. And if you wait too long, you might miss your chance to get back inside.

  1. Look For Any Unlocked Windows

Did you by any chance leave a window open? Is there a way to enter your home through that window? People often find it very super efficient to get into homes by using unlocked windows, but make sure you are doing it safely.

This eliminates the need of asking help from others or call a professional locksmith. Look for windows that are not locked if you find yourself locked out. This way, you can get inside easily.

  1. Look For Keys

Look under doormats, in flowerpots, and even in shoe racks. You may hide your spare keys under those things. Your spare keys may be found there if you are lucky.

You can even call your family members or relative they can have extra keys to your door. However, if you live alone there is a strong chance your only possible help is your landlord.

  1. Go To a Friend or Relative’s House

Things like this can happen at odd hours, and there might be no help available or you simply cannot think of a solution right at that moment. If you found yourself locked out of your home in the middle of the night it’s better to go to your friend’s or relative’s house for the night.

It’s wiser to look for solutions during the day, especially during business hours, when shops and other people are easily accessible. In most cases, you just need to calm down and not stress about it and more importantly sleep over it.

  1. Call a Locksmith

The problem with locking yourself out of your home is that it can cost you hundreds of dollars in damages. Hence, it’s crucial that you call a professional locksmith as soon as possible. 

They can come to your location and unlock your door without damaging anything inside. Make sure you are aware of their charges and fees. 

A professional locksmith can install new locks, change keys, rekey locks, and even replace deadbolts. A professional locksmith can help you unlock your house without breaking it, which is one of the primary reasons for hiring one. For more information, here is a helpful guide to help you choose and work with a locksmith in such times. 

  1. Call 911

Sometimes, when there is no help available you might want to call 911 to get help. Use your cell phone to contact emergency services if you have one. If you don’t have a phone, try to find someone who does. 

Calling the police should be your last option if there is something serious or you need emergency support. You shouldn’t call the police unless you’re sure no one else is inside your home.


There are a lot of people who lock themselves out of their homes occasionally. This usually happens when they forget their keys inside the house or when they leave them somewhere else. 

Locking out of your house is still a common problem, but with these tips, hopefully, you can tackle the situation spontaneously. Take precautionary measures such as installing a smart lock, which lets you unlock your front door from anywhere using your smartphone. 

Feel free to share your stories of locking yourself out of your home in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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