7 Benefits Of Adding Planters In Your Landscape 

For many homeowners, planters are becoming must-have elements outdoors as an aesthetically pleasing way to display plants and add curb appeal to your property. Nowadays, you can choose from floor, hanging, or raised bed planters for your home.  

Planters are worth considering if you’re looking for a convenient way to add vibrancy to your home. They are containers that hold plants and are available in varying forms, colors, sizes, and styles. They’re great additions for houses with limited garden space or landscaping since you can easily move them around.    

Planters allow you to plant almost anything, including flowers, vegetables, trees, and herbs. Aside from residential properties, they are also a good addition to business spaces. They’re worth considering if you plan on giving your property a facelift. Here are several benefits of adding planters to your landscape.  

Benefits Of Adding Planters In Your Landscape
  1. Simplify Gardening For Novices   

Using planters may be a good idea for those eager to try gardening for the first time. Nowadays, you have several things to remember when doing it on the ground, such as pests, weeds, weather, and diseases. Generally, ensuring you have healthy plants requires time, effort, and practice.  

If it’s your first attempt at gardening, planters are an excellent place to start. Growing plants in there still require care and maintenance, but it’s easier to grasp than gardening in the ground. Although you can readily find them on the market or online, it’s best to check out this walkthrough for building your own planter as a fulfilling hobby.   

  1. Enhance Your Yard Aesthetics   

Adding containers that complement your home or serve as a focal point enhances the beauty of your property. Generally, the planters serve as a finishing touch. Create an exciting look of foliage using containers in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Be creative to come up with a stunning display of flowers and shrubs.    

You can go for wooden containers since they’re a popular garden choice for a classic look. Some contemporary planters in aluminum or fiberglass are also good options that readily catch the eye. Regarding planters, you can experiment with various shapes and sizes while allowing you to update your plants throughout the year.  

  1. Increase Your Property Resale Value   

If you intend on putting your home on the market soon, the resale value will depend on the indoor and outdoor conditions. Landscaping your property gives it a positive boost among potential homebuyers while standing out from other properties in your neighborhood. If you have limited space, adding standing or hanging planters will significantly boost the visual appeal while maximizing the available space.    

  1. Lower Maintenance Expenses   

Growing plants in planters will require minimal maintenance, unlike caring for foliage in a garden. Tending a garden involves costs for fertilizers, soil amendments, and other essentials to promote proper growth.    

Many homeowners are switching to planters to cut down on maintenance costs. You’ll spend less on fertilizer when you grow your plants in containers and no longer worry about running groundwater that will wash away the fertilizer.  

  1. Create A Private Home Setting   

Many homeowners prioritize privacy. Investing in large planters is a suitable solution to maintaining good privacy in your home. The ideal approach is to plant tall, lush tropical plants or trees with adequate shade.    

Some areas that’ll greatly benefit from big planters include the patio or deck and the swimming pool. Aside from the privacy, the foliage adds a natural, peaceful ambiance to your outdoor space.  

  1. Safeguard Your Plants   

Ground-level plants often end up with damage due to trampling or invasion by weeds. If your main objective is the safety of your plants, it’s best to use planters to keep them off the ground.   

Furthermore, your plants are at lower risk for diseases and pests. Compared to soil-grown plants, those grown in planters are less likely to contract diseases. As for pests, you can minimize potential invasions since your plants are off the ground. Even if you detect one or two pests, you can easily isolate the affected plant by moving it away until the issue is under control.   

Try hanging planters if you lack space on your property or are eager to care for hanging plants. Aside from adding a touch of style, keeping your plants off the ground keeps them safe from pests that disrupt or dig into the soil.   

  1. Offer A Good Level Of Portability   

Investing in planters makes it convenient to move your plants around. Generally, it makes it easier to relocate them to ensure they receive adequate sun exposure. If some are not getting enough sunlight, you can position the planters in a different location.    

The portability also makes it attractive for homeowners living in areas with changing seasons or severe weather conditions. You can quickly move your plants indoors during inclement weather and bring them outside once the conditions clear up.  

Final Thoughts  

Planters are an aesthetic yet functional addition to your home’s landscape. Nowadays, you can readily find a good selection of different sizes, shapes, and designs. You can choose a combination of planters and foliage that best fits your needs, whether creating a focal point, adding privacy, or boosting curb appeal. With the numerous benefits of planters, investing in several would work wonders for your home. 

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