Common Water Leakage Problem That You Shouldn’t Ignore

There can be a number of reasons for water damage in your home. In all probability, water damage doesn’t come out of anywhere. Small leaks which are ignored can later become a cause of worry. Water leakage problems during winters are not new here in Lansing, Michigan. By the time you realize, water leaks can get out of hand, and you could be looking to fix a huge mess. There are multiple water leaks that shouldn’t be ignored, which are as follows;

Water Leakage Problem


Water discoloration is an indication that shows that there is some kind of leakage in your house. You need to pay attention to what color water has turned. If the water turns yellow, then you need to check all possible places because water only turns yellow if there is a potential leak.

Invisible Leaks

Leaks that are visible are easy to repair. Those leaks which are not visible to you can prove to be the most dangerous ones. If you could remove the walls of your home, you would be able to see pipes that can break down and begin leaking.

You should regularly check the water meter and keep a record of the reading. If your meter is showing different readings quite frequently, then there is a leak somewhere that needs to be looked at.

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Water Tanks

A common source of water leakage is always a water tank. Make it a point to regularly check the pressure valve to make sure it is working correctly. Since pressure valves feed directly into the drain, it can become difficult to detect any leakage. You should hear any unusual sounds from drains and pipes that could indicate a leak.

Roof Leakage

Roofs and basements are the most common areas in a home where any kind of leakage appears. Chances of leakage in a wall or anywhere on the roof increase manifold due to various reasons. 

You should check the basement and roof thoroughly for any cracks or mold. There should not be any signs of moisture even after a heavy snowfall. If you find any, get it fixed as soon as possible, it is a health hazard. You can find many professional waterproofing experts here in Lansing. Just look for basement waterproofing Lansing, MI on the internet and you will find the best ones near you. 


If you want to make sure there are no water-related damages in your home, you should always be careful of stains that can be easily located. If the color of the walls of your home becomes darker and there is visible dampness, then somewhere there is a leak. These stains, if not treated in time, can become permanent.

Repair Costs

There can be numerous reasons for water leakage in your home. The longer these water leakages are left untreated, the more it would cost you later on. Fixing the problem when it is under control is always a good idea. You should hire a professional who knows this job thoroughly well and can repair the leakage before it does permanent damage.


Your home is your safe haven. It should always be free from any kind of danger. Water leakage can easily turn into something disastrous if ignored. From your health to the health of your loved ones, water leakage can damage a lot if not treated properly.

Fixing water damage as soon as possible can also help you dodge future problems as well. This can also help you find out the vulnerabilities in your home and the changes you need to make to keep your home safe.

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