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When looking after our valuable possessions, we tend to be mindful. However, the most valuable thing that is easily neglected regarding maintenance is our home’s exterior. 

People mostly focus on remodeling the home’s interior, not knowing that it can lead to serious damage if it’s not regularly maintained.  

It is important to know that maintaining the home’s exterior, whether it’s fixing the roof or sliders is vital for the house’s safety. 

Your home is most likely to wear out if not well maintained, especially during spring storms or heavy rainfall. 

If left unchecked, you would probably have to deal with severe issues like water damage in case of a missing shingle or a collapsed roof. 

You might not know this, but the internal workings of the home are directly linked to the maintenance of its exterior. For instance, problems in roofing or siding can hinder the efforts in heating the house efficiently. 

Suppose you plan on selling your home; in that case, you should focus on making exterior improvements because the outside of your home is the first thing that catches any potential buyers’ or passerby’s eye.

Living in a city that faces hot temperatures most of the year, like Corpus Christi, means maintaining the house’s exterior to ward off heat. 

This could include getting a cool roof; however, before initiating the renovation, you’ll need a place to store stuff that could be damaged during maintenance. 

Storage units are your best bet. Type in storage units Corpus Christi to find reliable storage spaces near your location. Start storing stuff, so the maintenance work continues without issues. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about where to keep things and avoid filling up the garage space. 

With that said, it’s strange to see that most people only renovate the exterior when it’s damaged, when high costs could’ve been saved if they would regularly maintain it. 

Regardless of the reasons, regularly maintaining the home’s interior and exterior does bring a sense of satisfaction. 

If you’re confused about where to start, here are a few exterior home improvement ideas you can look into.

  1. Replace the roof

The roof is one of the most prominent features of the home, so changing the shape, covering, or improving the overall look of the existing tiles can change the house’s look. Although it requires a couple of helping hands, you will receive promising results in the end.  

There are several options to consider depending on your budget and what you are looking for. Consider stone-coated metal roofing for your roof to withstand strong winds or hails. 

Compared to asphalt shingles or mineral coating, the stone-coated roof is less likely to slough off over time due to material. 

This type of roofing creates an air space between the roof deck and roofing that serves as insulation to keep the roof deck cool in summers and minimize ice dams in winter. 

If you have a low-slopped roof, you can look into built-up roofing that is durable to prevent water damage.  

  1. Changing the Windows 

Windows are the eyes of a home, and by changing them, you can upgrade the house’s entire look. You can choose from endless ideas but keep in mind that if you don’t want to change the authentic look of your home, select windows that will allow more light and fresh air to keep the area well ventilated. 

If you want to go with a contemporary look, choose metal-framed windows, or for a statement, you can select crittall-design windows. 

You can go with casement windows as they support several architectural styles that fall under the traditional look if you’re interested. 

Double-hung windows are also quite popular as they are easy to clean and accommodate any grill pattern. 

These windows allow better ventilation by allowing cold air to seep in from the bottom and hot air to escape from the top.   

Garden windows are energy efficient and have thick insulating glass that controls too much heat or chill from coming inside the house. 

  1. Upgrade your front door

The front door is often overlooked during a home renovation, and chances are you might have focused on your front door only during holidays. 

Nonetheless, your front door can also change the look of your house. Whether you choose a new one or decide to paint the old front door, it is quick, easy, and can be a fun DIY project 

One of the easy ways to upgrade your front door without spending a lot is to paint it if the old one has worn off. 

Consider the overall color of your home or if you want to match the front door with the color of the window frames, choose a shade that suits the house and is long-lasting.

You can add transom windows above the door or use decorative glass on sidelights; both ideas can expand the window canvas.  

  1. Fix the Porch 

Fixing your porch will give your house a distinctive look. There are a few porch designs; you must consider the structure and if the style is in proportion to the size of the house. 

Your home is likely to receive more sunlight than it needs; this issue can also be resolved with a well-designed porch that will reduce the flow of natural light. 

For porch ideas that blend effortlessly with your home, pay attention to details and look for different materials as per your requirement. 

If your porch is roomy enough, turn it into a cozy sitting spot by adding chairs and layering them with cushions. 

A victorian-style paving idea will always make a good impression, especially when maintained in the top position. 

For a simple, decent look, a handmade metal porch is a perfect choice which could include sweeping canopies or fine wirework to compliment the home. Store the extra stuff taking up space like plants in the storage facility to make the maintenance procedure less painful.     

  1. Clean the drain

Drains around your house keep the water away from entering your home. To ensure your drains are doing their job, keep them free from dirt or debris. As long as they’re not heavily clogged, you can clean the gutter with a garden hose. 

You won’t even need a ladder; all you would have to do is stand on the ground and do the work. 

Another method of removing debris is either using a wet or dry vacuum. After cleaning the drain, you can use your garden hose to force out debris.  


It is no surprise that we often overlook our home’s exterior until too late. Your home is your sanctuary, and neglecting its maintenance will decrease its value and increase maintenance costs if you’re not careful. 

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