Features of firewood and briquettes: selection criteria

Firewood and briquettes are often used for heating. They are distinguished by high quality, reliability, and ease of use. It is important to choose high-quality fuel materials that are safe and easy to ignite.

These fire woods from Premier Fuel have become a high-quality solution for those who value quality, safety, and reliability. High-quality wood fuel improves heating efficiency in various conditions, providing long-lasting heat.

How To Collect And Manage Firewood For A House

How to choose quality firewood?

If you want to choose a fuel material for heating, you need to consider many subtleties. Among the main criteria are the following:

  • Type of wood or material for briquettes. The calorific value of the fuel, its burning rate, and its burning duration depend on the type of wood or material used for briquettes.
  • Humidity. The lower the moisture content of the fuel, the higher its calorific value. The optimal humidity for firewood is 15-20%, and for briquettes is 10-12%.
  • Size and shape. The firewood must be the same size so that it burns evenly. Briquettes can be of different shapes, but cylindrical briquettes are considered the most convenient.
  • Smell and color. The wood should be a light shade. It should also have a pleasant woody aroma without any impurities.
  • Price. The cost of firewood and briquettes can vary depending on the type of wood, briquette material, humidity, size, and shape.

Considering these features, you can choose high-quality materials for heating any premises. You can also use fuel for other tasks like lighting fires or operating a fireplace. Regardless of the scope of the application, everyone will find the best option for their functions.

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Advantages of high-quality firewood for heating

Selecting a high-quality fuel material is not an easy task and requires effort. In this case, you should pay attention to the following advantages of using high-quality products:

  • High calorific value. High-quality firewood provides more heat, which allows you to heat rooms efficiently.
  • Uniform combustion. High-quality firewood burns evenly without sudden temperature changes.
  • Long burning. High-quality firewood burns longer, which allows you to add it less often.
  • Low smoke and soot levels. High-quality firewood produces less smoke and soot when burned, which has a beneficial effect on the environment.

You must consider the above criteria when choosing firewood or briquettes for heating. Only high-quality firewood or briquettes will allow you to heat your premises efficiently and safely.

High-quality firewood for heating is economical in consumption, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. This fuel material meets all quality and reliability standards and will last throughout the entire heating season.

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