How to Automatically Translate Videos Online

If you have a video on YouTube and you’re wondering if you need to translate it, there are many options out there. For example, you can check your YouTube analytics to see what country your audience is from.

If it’s large outside of your home country, you may want to consider translating the video to make it more accessible. Other options include closed captions and subtitles, which are written translations of the words you hear on the screen. Adding subtitles or closed captions to your videos can increase your reach and exposure.

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Subtitling your videos is a great way to increase viewer engagement. You can create subtitles using a service like Subly. You can even have subtitles automatically generated for you. You can translate a video into several languages, and it will save you the time and money of paying a human translator.

First, you need to find a video to translate. Make sure it is not private and has closed captions or subtitles. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to type subtitles manually. Subtitles or closed captions are helpful because they let you make a video available to an international audience.

If you’ve uploaded a video to YouTube, you can also translate it into 119 languages. To translate subtitles, you’ll need to check the video’s transcript for edits and start and stop timings for subtitles. After you’ve done this, you can either add a subtitle track or choose the original transcript.


Whether you’re a regular YouTube user or a business owner, you might wonder, “How do I automatically translate videos online?” Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do it. Just download Keevi, a video translation service that works on all mobile devices. You can choose to use subtitles or the original audio track, and your videos will be ready to publish in another language in a few minutes.

YouTube analytics will reveal where most of your viewers are located, and if they’re from countries other than yours, you might want to consider translating your videos. Closed captions or subtitles will increase your audience’s exposure and keep your brand in mind.


VEED automatically translators videos online is a browser-based video editing suite that helps you translate online videos into any language. It supports YouTube videos, subtitles, live chat, and more. It also lets you add images, text, and color grading. It offers the best creative tools for making an awesome video.

VEED automatically translates online videos and saves them with subtitles. It also allows you to edit the subtitle text, save them to your computer, and post-edit them. You can add or delete subtitles or change font size and style. It also supports adjusting the video playback speed.

Another great feature of VEED is its ability to translate audio content. Besides subtitles, VEED can transcribe speech files, interviews, and podcasts. Its multilingual capabilities make it easy to find subtitles for online videos and movies.

Subly empowers Oscar

Oscar was looking for a solution to translate his videos from Spanish to English automatically. His native language is Spanish, but he is not fluent in English. As a result, he needed an affordable solution to help him reach a wider audience. A friend suggested that he check out Subly, which enables automatic translation, transcription, and subtitling of videos online.

The software is straightforward to use and has a high rate of accuracy. Subtitles can be generated automatically or manually. All users need to do is upload their videos and choose the language they’d like to use. Users can also edit and adjust the translated text. Subtitles can be exported as a VTT or SRT file.


Maestra is a program that automatically translates videos for you. You can also add voice-overs and subtitles. The software also has advanced editing features that make it easy to create subtitles and dubs. It also allows you to export finished files in various formats.

With Maestra, you can upload your videos, paste the link from YouTube and localize them. The software is easy to use and requires no software download. It is beneficial for people who want to reach global audiences and market their content. You can also use it for teaching purposes, such as providing video lessons to students. Maestra supports more than 50 languages.

Maestra also offers a team collaboration tool called Maestra Teams. You can collaborate with other team members and assign different permissions to your teammates. The software works with various formats and automatically allows you to translate videos uploaded from G-Drive or Dropbox.

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