How To Furnish Your Home With Style

You could have a bachelor apartment or a large mansion, but no matter what the size, you want it to have a bit of style. Of course, the style you choose for your home, including furniture and decor, will depend on your tastes. However, there are some basics you can follow to make sure that your space looks and feels the way you want. 

There has never been more choice for someone trying to furnish and decorate their home. With the rise of online shopping, you can order items from around the world. New colors and shades are always coming out, as are new designs for furniture. Having so many choices can be overwhelming, so you should make it easier by centering in on a motif for each space you want to furnish. 

The 5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles in 2021

Choosing Your Style

If you’re not sure what you want to do, there are some common styles that most homeowners use as a base for their decisions. Here are some examples. 


Minimalist design is the concept of removing clutter. Clutter doesn’t just mean stuff that builds up over time. It also refers to furniture and vision clutter, too. Everything you choose for this style should have a purpose. You want a feeling of space and of freedom of movement of thought. Vision clutter is anything that can seem crowded or distracting to look at—for example, a lot of bold and clashing colors or a bookcase full of knick-knacks. 

For furniture, you should choose functional items that may serve many purposes. They should have straight and clean lines and a plain finish. The most common colors for furniture in a minimalist style are blacks, grays, whites, and neutrals. If you like, you can add some pop with an accent color on accessories, such as throw pillows or cushions. 

Traditional Style

One of the great things about furnishing is that some designs never go out of style. Traditional style refers to the types of design choices that people have been making for decades or more. When it comes to furniture, this means things like floral print, plaids, and accent colors on upholstery. In the 21st century, traditional means using elements of mid to late 20th-century design, which was drawn in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

When looking at a piece of furniture in traditional style, it should be hard to place what century it is from. A great choice for this style is getting custom amish furniture in Montgomery, TX. It is sturdy and timeless and can be created to suit your specific needs. 

Casual Style

If you are looking for a relaxed vibe, then casual style is probably your choice. You want comfort and warmth for the people who live in the home and any guests who come. The great thing about casual style is that there are so many options. While you don’t want the look cluttered, you want a cozy feeling. 

For furniture, go with pieces that have softer elements, such as fluffy pillows and cushions. Casual pieces tend to have straight and rectangular elements, giving off a feeling that someone can stretch out, such as on a sofa. Upholstery can be textured and have patterns and graphics on it. The key for casual style is balancing that laid-back vibe while keeping things clean and neat. 

Contemporary Style

The contemporary style draws from minimalism but isn’t as strict and retains feelings of comfort and warmth. With contemporary furniture, you can have straight or curved lines, but the key is that they are sleek and defined. Beds, sofas, and chairs tend to have exposed legs, with owners who take care to leave no dust or clutter underneath. This is where you can really have fun with pillows and cushions that have accent colors or designs that contrast with the neutral colors of the furniture itself. 

There are few extras when it comes to contemporary furniture. Beds and chairs should not have skirts or frills, for example. Likewise, you should try to avoid ornate carvings or decorations on your furniture. The name of the game is clean design with no fluff that’s still comfortable. White and black should be highly featured. 

Formal Style

Formal style is for those who want to give off the feeling of class and elegance. It calls back to the late 19th and early 20th century with a modern twist. This design is very conventional since it has been around since a more formal time, with a conservative view of what a home should look and feel like. 

Furniture plays a big part in formal design. Wood is very prominent, with materials such as oak, walnut, or mahogany bringing an old-world feeling to a space. These woods give off a feeling of wealth and even power. The furniture is always very polished and has many layers of polyurethane or lacquer to create a shiny but strong finish. 

Furniture can also be arranged in a way that reflects traditional ideals. There should be a dominant focal point to a room, which can be a stunning piece, a fireplace, or wall art. The furniture will be placed accordingly around that focal point to further bring attention to it. 

One important thing to remember is that no matter what style you choose, you don’t’ have to follow the concepts rigidly. You can use a distinct common style as a base and then build out from there and add your own preferences. For example, you can have a dominant focal point from the formal style but choose more contemporary or casual furniture. You can also go with a base of minimalism and add in splashes of personality and color to create an exciting contrast. You have to live in your home, so make it your own and get a look and feel that works for you.

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