37 Square-meters Apartment With Moving Wall Design

Smart apartment Designed by Architecture Studio MKCA . Featuring a mechanized moving wall design to form different room when needed throughout the day. Holding a queen-sized bed, dining area for four, office spaces, living area, a decent amount of storage, and still has room for entertaining.

Sliding Wall Apartment Design

During the daytime, Sliding wall stacked to the wall to create more spaces on living area .This room serves as an entertainment center, holding the television and speakers.

shelvs with computer on Moving Wall Design Apartment

Despite limited in size, the apartment bring all the elements and functions necessary for comfortable living. Including the small home office. The vertical shelves also give stylish looks and provides more storage.

In Depth With Moving Wall Design

Small Apartment With Motorized Wall Sideview

The movable wall design definitely bring attraction into the apartment and seamlessly glides from one end of the room to another. This sliding wall helps delimitate the daytime and nighttime but, at the same time also reveals a closets with built-in drawers and clothing storage.

Small Apartment With Motorized Wall Rotating Tv

The tv rotate 180 degrees so you can enjoy a movie on the couch or in bed – how practical is that?!

Small Apartment With Moving Wall Design


Sliding Wall Apartment Design bedroom

Murphy bed (Vertical Folded Bed) revealed when the wall slidded to couch side. In this case, The Murphy Bed perfectly integrate with apartment moving wall design and layout .

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Sliding Wall Apartment Design - bed reveal


When the bed is extended, the sleeping area occupies a part of the couch and working space. A built-in nightstand adjacent to the headboard can accommodate a reading light and alarm clock offering the basic features for this portion of the apartment

On the other side is an open area with a dining table with two seats near large windows. Although small, this area feels open, fresh and rich of sunshine.


Sliding Wall Apartment Design kitchen

Small Apartment With Motorized Wall Kitchen View

The kitchen expanded to make room for more space. More counter pace was added, with a cabinetry sink. The kitchen also accommodates a storage and a burried refrigerator. Full white paint also helps to make room visually spacious.

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Sliding Wall Apartment Design bathroom

The bathroom has laundry hamper cabinet and a pocket door. A few small open shelves offer storage space for towels and other bathroom essentials.


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