How To Make Your Home More Relaxing

In today’s hectic world, a relaxing home is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are ways to make your home more calming and comfortable no matter your budget.  

How To Make Your Home More Relaxing

Tidy Up 


Research shows that clutter is stressful. In a messy, unorganized environment, it can be difficult to find things when you need them. You may be more likely to knock things over and make a mess. The visual stimuli from all the objects strewn about can increase your anxiety levels. Clear out things you don’t need and organize the things you do. Devise a system to keep clutter from building up in the future. Find a spot for everything, and get in the habit of putting things where they belong after you finish with them. 


Now that your space is tidy, it’s time to really clean. It’s hard to relax if there are grimy surfaces or unpleasant odors in your home. Use cleaning products with pleasing aromas, and open the windows and doors to let in fresh air. Find tools that help you finish the job more quickly so that you have more time to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere you’re working hard to create. 

Incorporate Nature 


Sunlight is known to increase production of serotonin, a brain chemical that helps improve mood and sleep. Bringing this warming, clarifying natural element into your home will help make your space more relaxing. Consider a contractor who specializes in sunrooms in Tampa to build a dedicated sun space in your home. Take time to just sit and enjoy the light and warmth. 


Another natural element that can help make your home more serene and peaceful is plants. Many individuals find having a little piece of nature indoors helps relieve stress and fosters a sense of wellbeing. Options include everything from low-maintenance cacti for beginners to beautiful, delicate orchids for the more advanced. As an added bonus, live plants remove pollutants, keeping the air fresh and clean.  

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Pay Attention to the Atmosphere 


Playing music in your home is an excellent way to create a relaxing atmosphere. Many individuals appreciate the calming tunes of smooth jazz or light classical, but any music that you enjoy can work. Find the beat and volume that relax you. To enhance the experience, consider purchasing a portable Bluetooth speaker if you play music through a mobile device or investing in a sound bar to play music through a television. These devices help the music sound better and carry throughout your home. 


Scent is personal and what is calming to one person may be nauseating to the next. Unless you’re having guests over, though, you only need to consider what is most relaxing to you and other household members. Candles and incense are popular options. Other individuals like to put spices, fruit peels, or other aromatics in a pot of simmering water. Plug-in air fresheners are also an option, but you may become sensitized to the fragrance with time and no longer be able to smell it.  

Decorate to Decompress 


Color has a major effect on the mood of a room, so use it to your advantage when creating a relaxing atmosphere. Many individuals find blue to be a soothing color. However, this is subjective, and any hue can be relaxing. Decide what works best for you. It may help to choose neutrals for the walls and floors and bolder colors for accent pieces to avoid too much visual stimulation. However, if you find bright colors the most relaxing, don’t be afraid to go bold. 


It’s difficult to relax on a scratchy bed, so choose comfortable fabrics for bed sheets and upholstered furniture. Consider changing out your sheets with the seasons for better temperature regulation. Don’t forget to pay attention to the care instructions when you shop. If you have kids or pets, delicate fabrics might be too high maintenance. Choose what works best with your lifestyle to avoid unnecessary stress.  

Your home should be a retreat, a place to relax and recharge. If your home is not the blissful escape you wish it were, make a plan to improve things. Clear out and clean up. Bring in natural elements. Add music, color, and other features that bring you peace.  

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