How to make your house cozy and warm

Winter is coming” – An iconic yet simple dialogue that never gets old, especially about one’s home. Unless a home is designed with patience and love, it will never feel warm or cozy; however, it is stunning.

Making a home warm and cozy is all about strategic placement of things in such a manner that everything correlated and blends with each other in a very harmonious fashion. Expensive artifacts and designer ware does not always mean warm.

Rather than inviting a professional consultant or designer, why not implement your ideas and desires into decorating your home? After all, the people who will be living in that space are the ones who need to be comfortable and happy about it.

Choose colors wisely

Colors can make or break one’s mode. Using colors like red and other such darker hues can be slightly gloomy to look at. Studies have shown that the brighter the color, the better the mood.

Pastel shades often add warmth to the entire space and make it look bigger and more spacious. 

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Add rugs, carpets, and cushions wherever possible

Add rugs, carpets, and cushions wherever possible

We all love to cuddle up on a soft cushy pillow at any time of the day. They relax us instantly. Adding cushions and rugs all around the place gives it a cozy feel. 

Marble or any hard floorings tend to cool down very fast, especially during winters. Adding rugs and carpets also acts as insulation.

In addition to the rugs, ensure to add vibrant and bold print covers on the cushions and throw pillows to add a bit of extra funk to the surrounding.

Try Vintage and modern amalgamation

One of the most beautiful and harmonious blends is that of old and new. While the older aspects give a natural history and vintage appeal to the place, the modern touch adds the sophistication and chic outlook.

Combining an old wood carved tea table with a modern sofa design adds a unique touch to the spot. Vintage is always associated with memories and feelings for most. Incorporating older pieces of furniture and fittings resonates very well with most, making the space feel more welcoming and happy.

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Add a fireplace

Add a fireplace

Winters can be a significant discomfort, especially if your home is designed with lots of windows and doors. Adding a fireplace is one of the best design decisions for any home. In addition to making the place warm and toasty, it adds a lively and vibrant outlook too.

A wood fireplace can be a hassle for most modern-day homes. That’s why electric fireplace insert has become a new favorite for most. Plug it up with the primary circuit, and you have a blazing fire screen on the insert with warmth all around you.

Add a few Indoor plants

Add a few Indoor plants

Plants are natural mood relaxants. They not only add color to the house but also gives it a more lived-in vibe. Quirkily designed pots and plant stands can be added all over the place to provide it with a naturally upbeat outlook.

Instead of store-bought paintings, add family photos and collages on the wall –

We all love to think about our old days and memories. Some are happy, and some inevitably sad. But they still are memories. Many love to add paintings and expensive artwork. Yes, they are fine, but adding random photographs of oneself and their families and knick-knacks of travel stories and pictures with weird happy poses are a great way to enhance the homely and lived-in look of any place.

Add lighting to add more warmth and brightness

There is no alternative to brightness. Adding lights automatically makes any place feel much more warm and cozy. One of the coolest and very inexpensive hacks for a brighter and much more beautiful outlook is adding colorful LED strings and strips all around the home. 

LED strips instantly brighten up space and add the much-needed vibrancy to the bland walls and floors.

A home can feel warm, cozy, lived in, and welcoming only if you love it well. Comfort and ease is always more effective than More the expensive additions and ultra-modern sophistication, 

In the end, it is best never to let pricing and brand names decide what suits your home the best. Small inclusions, costs, and terms being irrelevant can make a home feel more welcoming and boisterous than one can ever imagine.

There is a difference between a house and a home. While one exudes warmth and love, the other is a simple caricature void of feelings and warmth –  Anaya Izra.


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