How to Give Your Kitchen a 5-Star Makeover on a Dime

The kitchen is a room that plays a special role in many households. It’s also one of the rooms that are the most used. Some will use the kitchen to cook in while it will be the main meeting hub in certain families. That’s why it often gets the most attention when it comes to improvements. 

Upgrading a kitchen doesn’t have to mean gutting everything out, however. Just by making a few minor changes, you could give your kitchen a whole different look. You could make it much more functional as well. Let’s take a look at how you can give your kitchen a 5-star makeover on a dime.

How to Give Your Kitchen a 5-Star Makeover on a Dime

Use Glass

Transparent cabinet doors can give any kitchen a nice modern look. They also demand little maintenance and will make cupboards more functional. Glass doors also work in a vintage setting. You can decide to use glass for all cabinets or just for one door. This could be the one you use the most.

Improve Storage

Another thing you should do is upgrade your storage. There can never be enough storage in a kitchen, and the more you use good storage solutions, the better your kitchen will look and feel. 

Storage that lets you tuck away single-use items or things like vertical shelves that allow you to reach what you need more easily will all be great additions you’re not likely to regret. We suggest that you look at as many storage ideas and find those that would be the best fit for your space and how you use your kitchen.

Veneers and Vinyl Tiles

You also have to be smart with your choice of materials. There is no point in using real wood, marble, or brick when veneers will do just as well. Creating a brick wall or backsplash becomes much more accessible now. As a matter of fact, you could install your own in a few days if you have the skills and are ready to put in the effort.

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Vinyl is also making a comeback when it comes to flooring, but we’re talking about old vinyl tiles from the ’70s. You can now get something called luxury vinyl tiles that are nothing like it. Luxury vinyl flooring is made from a vinyl base with a printed layer over it. The printed layer is made to replicate the look of any material that you want. This layer is then covered by a thin transparent coating.

This means you can choose a floor in materials that would not be the best for a kitchen, like hardwood, for instance. Not only that, but these tiles are rather affordable and easy to install too.

Get a New Furniture

Another simple thing that you can do is get new kitchen appliances. If they’re outdated and the rest of your kitchen still looks somewhat modern, this could be all that it takes. You could go for classic stainless steel or something more original that will complement the rest of your kitchen. Pastel and retro colors are big at the moment, so this could be the touch that brings the whole kitchen together.

These are just some of the modifications you could make to your kitchen that will improve it immediately. Not only that, but they won’t cost you several thousand like a full remodel would.

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