Make Your Bedroom Even More Comfortable With These Clever Tips

Most people’s bedrooms look horrendous compared to the rest of their homes. This is not because the average person doesn’t care about their bedroom but because they care more about the way the areas of their home that visitors see look; your bedroom should be given as much attention as anywhere else in your house, however. If it is not then it will never feel truly comfortable, as it should — an uncomfortable bedroom is not conducive to relaxation or sleep.

Here are some tips you can use to make your bedroom much more comfortable:

Make Your Bedroom Even More Comfortable With These Clever Tips

Natural Bedding

A lot of people’s bedding is made out of synthetics, which are dangerous and uncomfortable. Studies show that synthetic bed sheets put people at significant risk of injury, as they are highly flammable. Investing in natural bedding, like bamboo sheets for example, which according to one retailer can keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Reading reviews of their bamboo rayon sheets clearly proves that they are indeed as comfortable as they say. Organic cotton sheets are also worth investing in, as well as woolen blankets for the coldest months of the year.

Burning Incense

Incense has been used in religious rituals and rites for thousands of years, mainly because it brings about a sense of calm in those who inhale it. It should be noted however, the vast majority of incense you find in Western supermarkets and health stores is made from harmful chemicals, not natural resins like they are in India, Japan, and China. Because of this, and for your health’s sake, it is important to source incense that is made using natural ingredients. The chemicals found in most Western incense are highly toxic.

Additional Textiles

Other than bed sheets, quilts, and duvets most people’s bedrooms are devoid of textiles. Adding some extra textiles can make it a much more comfortable place, however. One particular type of textile worth considering is the Berber rug, a type of rug that’s made by tribal people from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. These rugs can sell for thousands of dollars, but you can find genuine ones made by cooperatives online. These rugs are shaggy, handmade, and very trendy. Adding one to your bedroom could be the best thing that you ever do. Dust can get embedded deep within their fibers so wash yours regularly.

Quality Mattress

A mattress is just as important as your bedsheets. Sadly the vast majority of people have very basic, spring mattresses. While some of these mattresses can be comfortable they do not tend to age well and users often develop back problems and other health issues. You can prevent health issues from becoming manifest by buying a mattress made from high-quality materials, like bamboo for example. Avoid memory foam mattresses as studies show that they are off-gas chemicals, which you will inhale every single time you lie down or get into bed. Mattresses are important investments everybody concerned with comfort should make.

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Blackout Curtains

Light getting into your bedroom can be very disruptive. Research shows that quality sleep can only be achieved when a person’s bedroom is engulfed in total darkness. Unless you live in a rural area or on a street that does not have lighting of any kind, at least some light will get into your bedroom. Blackout curtains or alternatively blackout blinds can be used to keep light out. Most blackout curtains or blinds can be picked up for next to nothing online; you can save yourself money by buying on credit or shopping on the second-hand market.

Soundproofing Measures

Light isn’t the only thing that you need to think about, sound is equally as important. Noise pollution is one of the leading contributors to sleeplessness in the United States. Even in highly rural areas, noise pollution is still problematic. You can mitigate noise pollution by soundproofing your bedroom. Many of the most effective solutions for soundproofing can be undertaken independently and for a very low cost. If you plan on soundproofing through the addition of insulation, you will need a professional’s help, however. Adding insulation to your crawlspaces and wall cavities is probably not something that you will be able to do on your own.

Separate Beds

Sometimes, people cannot sleep because the person that they share a bed with does not sleep silently. Many people’s partners roll, toss, turn, and snore. If the person you share a bed with exhibits this kind of behavior at night then buying two separate beds is one of the best things that you can do for your sleep and your relationship. A lot of people’s relationships actually break down because neither can sleep. Speak to your partner and explain the reasoning behind your decision to buy a separate bed otherwise you could hurt their feelings.

Hanging Pictures

Many people’s bedrooms feel cold and impersonal. If yours is like this, then add some personal flair to it. Adding pictures to your bedroom walls can be a good way of doing this. You can also add pictures to your nightstand if you have one. Hanging pictures on the walls can make your bedroom feel more homely, especially if you hang photos of loved ones or relatives. Having the people you love looking down at you every night will fill you with comfort and happiness. Alternatively, you can hang paintings and pictures of natural spaces. Antique markets are great places to go in search of genuine oil paintings and prints.

Sleeping Pills

While wholly unrelated to this article’s topic, if you cannot sleep then consider speaking to your physician and requesting sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are the best sleep aids that you can get. A lot of people are reluctant to buy them out of fear of being judged or accused of being drug addicts. Sleeping pills can, in spite of the negative connotations associated with their use, restore natural sleep and improve mental acuity. Bear in mind, however, they can be highly addictive so you must take them in moderation and stop if you start desperately needing them.

A good night’s sleep doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you have not been blessed with the natural ability to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, improving your bedroom’s design should become your main focus. Through careful interior design and selective purchasing, you can make your bedroom a place of rest and relaxation, as it should be.

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