Roof Rake: Choosing the Best Tool for Snow Removal

The need to clean a roof of the accumulated snow cannot be denied. This regular procedure will protect you from possible damage, leaks, and the need to repair the roof itself and the rooms under it. By removing snow, you also minimize the likelihood of forming icicles that can fall on standing cars or the heads of people passing by. This quick guide will help you find an excellent roof rake for snow removal.

Choosing the Best Tool for Snow Removal

1. Handle

It’s better to use hand tools and stand on the ground when cleaning the roof by yourself. So that you can reach as high as possible, it’s worth choosing the models with long handles. There are currently two types of grips on the market:

  • Sectional. In addition to the main rake, there are two, three, and even four extra sections in the set. They are attached to each other and can significantly increase the length of the device.
  • Telescopic. It is a more modern version with all the sections folded into each other.

Both of these kinds can be perfectly straight or curved. The second option gives you more control over the tool and is especially handy if you need to clean flat roofs.

It is also desirable that the lower part of the handle, which you hold onto while working, has a rubberized coating. It’ll keep the rake from slipping out of your hands. Besides, the rubber retains heat well, which means you can work comfortably at low temperatures.

2. Head

The head is the working part of the tool that removes snow from the roof. The wider and longer it is, the bigger layer you can get rid of in one pass. It is worth choosing models equipped with 20-24-inch blades for efficient and fast work. The head should have reliable support rods, making it more stable and resistant to a load of heavy wet snow.

3. Material

Since these types of rakes are used overhead, they should be lightweight so as not to overwhelm you. For this, manufacturers produce them from lightweight materials. The handles of most models are usually made of aluminum, but blades might differ. You can find aluminum and even steel models as well as plastic ones. The former does an excellent job at removing icy mountains of snow, while the latter is more suitable for use in regions where the snow is soft.

4. Weight

The weight of the item should be considered based on your endurance, strength, and experience in this kind of work. In general, snow rakes are fairly lightweight tools. However, if you work for several hours in a row, the extra pound will cause muscle pain. Typically, the weight range is from 4.5 to 8 pounds. It largely depends on the handle length, the head size, and the materials from which the instrument is made. There are no universal recommendations for this parameter; you should be guided by your own feelings.

5. Extra Features

Even though rakes are pretty simple devices, they also have extra features. If you want to make removing snow easier for yourself, choose the model equipped with a special slide. It is made of a frost-resistant smooth material, is attached to the bottom of the head, and helps the snow slide down. With this accessory, the roof cleaning process is faster.

Also, an essential part of roof rakes is rollers or slide pads. They are placed on the sides of the blade and help the tool glide over the surface. This feature is primarily needed so that you don’t damage the roof or scratch the tiles during work.

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Get Ready for Winter in Advance

Buying the right rake is not a big deal if you know what to look for. Use this article as an application guide when choosing this type of tool. Try to find a really reliable device that will withstand repeated use throughout the winter and will last you more than one season. 

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