The Benefits of Wheelchair Stair Climbers for Disabled People: A Comprehensive Overview

Travelling up and down stairs for those that have limited mobility can be challenging. For those that are in wheelchairs, it was once an impossibility. Luckily, that is no longer the case.

Over the past few decades, the wheelchair stair climber has developed from an emerging technology to a safe and effective method for disabled people and those with limited mobility to traverse a flight of stairs with the aid of a helper.

The Benefits of Wheelchair Stair Climbers for Disabled People

What is a Wheelchair Stair Climber?

A manual or powered stair climber is a piece of equipment that helps wheelchairs safely ascend and descend staircases. These devices use either a manual system to aid the wheelchair up and down stairs or an electric-powered system to safely transport the wheelchair and its occupant across the staircase.

Who Would Use a Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

Phil from stairlift company Anglian Lifts said “Most people using a wheelchair and anyone with mobility issues are great candidates for a stair climbing wheelchair. They also provide a perfect solution for anyone who is recovering from an injury, scheduled operation or a lengthy hospital stay.”

How Does a Wheelchair for Stairs Improve Quality of Life?

These devices and technologies have been developed to provide significant benefits to those that are currently wheelchair bound. Architectural barriers such as a staircase shouldn’t negatively impact your quality of life if you are in a manual or electric wheelchair. How can a powered stair climber for the disabled benefit you?

  • Increased Freedom of Movement for Wheelchair Users

No longer will wheelchair users have to make decisions about whether to attend an event or destination based on wheelchair access. This can open doors to many possibilities and experiences which were not available to wheelchair users previously.

  • Reduces the Need for Transfers In and Out of the Wheelchair

For anyone recovering from an illness or injury, or for those that have conditions that make transfers difficult, the wheelchair stair climber provides a solution that allows them to move around without unnecessary transfers. 

  • Mental Health Benefits for Wheelchair Users 

Limitations on movement can be detrimental to a person’s mental health. By openingnew possibilities for those in wheelchairs, the wheelchair stair climber creates a positive impact on their mental health, helping them enjoy more life.

  • Allows Movement Up and Down Stairs with the Help of Only One Person

Traditionally, moving a person in a wheelchair up or down a set of stairs was a labour-intensive and potentially dangerous endeavour. With a wheelchair stair climber, a disabled person can safely and relatively quickly use a staircase with the help of only one person.

What is the Difference Between a Tracked Stair Climber and a Wheeled Stair Climber?

Wheeled stair climbers may be manual or electric but a tracked stair climber is always electric. Wheeled versions use sets of rotating wheels to climb each step and tracked stair climbers use a track to set the full weight of the chair and the person on the staircase.

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Wheelchair Stair Climbers: Well Worth the Investment

The diverse range of benefits offered by wheelchair stair climbers and the positive impact that they have on the lives of those that use them make them a great choice for anyone that is currently disabled or living with limited mobility.

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