The Importance of Proper Water Heater Maintenance

Home maintenance can be a pain. There are so many aspects of your house that need maintaining, but you don’t want to call in for repairs if nothing is wrong yet. However, no one wants to hop in the shower one morning and get blasted by a cold jet of water. 

It’s important to get routine water heater service to keep things from going wrong. You’ll also find it’s more affordable than paying for water heater repair or replacing the entire unit. 

Here’s why you should consider annual water heater maintenance. 

The Importance of Proper Water Heater Maintenance

What a Hot Water Heater Does

You don’t need to know how a water heater works, but you should know what it does for your home.  

When water from the mainline enters your home, it splits into two different pipes. The cold water line goes to every water appliance you own, including your outdoor spouts. The other pipe leads directly into your water heater.

Your water heater warms up water as well as holds hot water for immediate use. If something goes wrong with it, you’ll only get access to the cold water line. 

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Factors That Affect It

Hot water heater breakdowns aren’t random. Multiple factors contribute to them.

Some areas use hard water, which contains calcium. This calcium can build up inside your heater and cause blockages and heating problems if not cleaned out. 

Even if you don’t use hard water, high water pressure can take a toll on the unit. If you notice water leaking, try replacing your temperature and pressure relief valve. 

A water heater can also develop rust due to its constant exposure to water. Once rust forms, you may find yourself exposed to rusty water or dealing with multiple leaks.

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Benefits of Water Heater Service

Although hiring a water heater plumber seems like an extra expense, there are many benefits to keeping it running smoothly. 

For one, you’re keeping yourself safe. A malfunctioning pressure relief valve can result in your tank exploding from excess pressure. 

Water heater service also makes sure your unit works as long as it can as well as it can. This is because your plumber flushes it out and keeps problems from developing down the line. 

A running water heater means you won’t have to shell out more money for a new one. It’s much more affordable to spend a little every year on maintenance fees than to pay for a new unit and the cost of installation. 

Check out these water heater services to learn more about your options. 

Call Your Local Water Heater Plumber Today

Routine water heater service can help keep your unit running for years. However, your water heater will eventually exceed its recommended lifespan and need to be replaced. The only way to prevent a breakdown before then is by calling in your local plumber. 

The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll be dealing with much more than a simple repair job. 

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