Ways You Can Clear a Blocked Drain

How to Unclog a Shower Drain

A blocked drain is no less than a nightmare for a homeowner. It is a common problem that everyone goes through at home. Grease, food particles, hairs, and mineral buildup collect inside the drainpipe, causing blockage and overflow. And the foul smell makes the situation worse.

If left untreated, blockages can lead to water leakage from the drains. It can worsen the situation and damage your home. Severe blockages can often result in burst pipes that demand costly repairs.

So, is there a solution? Yes. Here are some ways by which you can clean a blocked drain.

Boiling water

Pouring a cup of boiling water will fix your blocked drain quickly. It will loosen the blockage without the need to apply more measures. However, please use this method in metal or ceramic pipes as heat is unsuitable for PVC pipes.

It will loosen the joints, so use tap water in PVC pipes. It is valuable for clearing a blocked drain because of grease or food buildup, but it will not work on solid blockages.

Natural cleaner

You can create a natural DIY cleaner using baking soda and white vinegar at home. Pour baking soda followed by vinegar into the drain. Cover it so that the mixture does not bubble out of the pipe. The chemical reaction between the two chemicals produces oxygen that washes inside the pipes and clears them out.

You might need to repeat the process a few times to clear out the blockage completely. Once the mixture has cleared the blockage, you can flush the pipe with hot water. It will remove the remaining residue.

Another way to clear the blockage is by pouring at least half a cup of salt followed by hot water down the drain. Let it settle for around 20-30 minutes. Again, pour hot water. Salt unclogs drains owing to its antiseptic and abrasive properties.


A plunger is useful in clearing a blocked drain in the same way it clears a clogged toilet. Do not forget to cover any overflow jets before you start plunging to get a strong seal.

The plunger creates an up and down pressure to loosen the blocked drainage. Plunging is helpful for solid blockages, but it is less effective on mineral deposits and grease accumulation.

Caustic cleaner

You can get a caustic chemical cleaner from a nearby supermarket. The chemicals in the caustic cleaner dissolve hair, grease, food, and other common blockages. However, they will not work effectively on solid masses like small household items and solid masses.

But you need to be careful while using the caustic cleaner. Protect your face and hands from the chemical cleaner. Always flush the pipe after using the cleaner to get rid of it.

Hydro jet

A hydro jet is nothing but a powerful stream of water that rushes through your pipes. The water pressure is too high, which forces the blockage out through the pipe. It then enables the water to flow through the pipe without any obstacle. The method is safe, but it is not effective against solid blockages.

Drain snake

You can make a DIY drain snake at home. You need a thin metal wire like that in a coat hanger. Leave a hook at the snake’s end and insert it into the drain hole. It is a practical approach in showers and removing hair in the blockages.

A plumber’s drain snake is advanced and looks professional. They move deeper into the pipes and remove blockages deep within the drain. You can also use CCTV to identify the clog location and its severity. It involves implanting a camera with a tool like a drain snake.

Excavation and pipe relining

Excavation becomes necessary in case of severe damages. You need to call out a plumber. Pipeline drainage solutions offer convenient drainage solutions in Sunderland. It offers same-day service with hidden fees or charges. Excavation involves digging around the pipe to know the location of the blockage and clear it.

Pipe relining is another method that requires expert plumbing services. Pipe relining is an excellent alternative to pipe replacement when pipe damage occurs because of an extended blockage.


 Blocked drains can happen at any time because of several reasons. Signs like slow draining, gurgling water noise, and foul smells show you have a blocked drain. Some clogged drains are stubborn and require plumbers, while most can be cleared at home. The above ways will help you get a clear drain.

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