What Is The Easiest Way To Wash Venetian Blinds?

Many people know the importance of cleaning their Windows regularly so that no dirt or debris collection on top of it. But people often forget to clean their Blinds or shades regularly and not realize the impact it can have on the look of their home. Not only it is going to affect the look of your home, but it is also unhygienic to not clean the blinds and shades in your home. 

It is not a tough procedure to clean the window Blinds by yourself. But there are a lot of steps involved that you need to follow carefully to clean your window blinds or shades properly. If cleaning them yourself is too much work for you, then you can just her professional window blinds cleaning services and relax. The window blinds come in different materials such as aluminum, wood, and fabric, etc. It is best to choose easily manageable blinds. Half Price Blinds need not always compromise on quality but can be easily cleanable.

In this article, we are going to discuss the easiest way to wash Venetian blinds. So keep on waiting to find out more information below on how to clean the wooden Venetian blinds in your home.

What Is The Easiest Way To Wash Venetian Blinds

Supplies You Will Need

First of all, if you are planning to clean the wooden Venetian blinds for yourself then you need to gather all the supplies that you are going to need for this process will stop you can purchase the supplies from any local store near your home as they are easily available everywhere. Now let’s take a look at the supplies that you are going to need to clean the blinds or shades in your home:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Warm water
  3. Vacuum cleaner
  4. Microfiber cloth
  5. Dishwashing liquid soap
  6. Process of cleaning the window blinds

Let us have a look at the procedure that you need to follow step-by-step to clean the wooden Venetian Blinds in your home down below:

 1. Lower The Blinds

 You can start the process of cleaning the wooden Venetian Blinds and your home by closing the Blinds first. You can close the wooden Venetian Blinds completely before beginning to wash them.

 2. Dusting

 The second hand that you need to do is to lightly dust the wooden Venetian blinds and your home to begin the cleaning process. Make sure that you do not use any cloth on your wooden Venetian blinds because it can damage the material and texture of your blinds. It is recommended by the experts to use a microfiber cloth to lightly dust the wooden Venetian blinds because microfiber cloth is very soft and does not cause any damage to the texture of the blinds. 

If you have a vacuum cleaner on hand that comes with a soft brush attachment, then you can use the law section setting of your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from the surface of your wooden Venetian blinds.

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 3. Flip Them

 Using a similar manner, you can flip the blinds on the other side and repeat the same process to clean them from the other side as well. You can use a microfiber cloth the vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

 4. Stubborn Stains

 If there any stubborn stains on your wooden Venetian blinds then you can use a damp cloth on those areas and clean it with warm water.

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