Compact Japanese-Style Mini Houses


Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Exterior Overview
Inspired by the small scale of Japanese residences—in particular, Makoto Masuzawa’s 1952 Minimum House—build into a wooded site in Island Bay,Wellington, New Zealand by architect Andrew Simpson           


This mini houses is set on a sloping 538-square lot in coastal suburb of New Zealand. It’s features a number of simple elements that make it feel cozy and larger than it, with care to recognise people needs.

A major influence on this design was the owner experience when lived in in Kyoto, Japan. He became interested in the work of Makoto Masuzawa who designed the Minimum House, an economical family home based on a gabled roof, a strict envelope, and open glass wall.

Mini Houses japanese style Floor Plans
mini houses floor plan


Mini Houses Interior Tours

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Interior View

When you open the door and steeped into the main area you will be spellbounded by the enchanting view of all-green outdoor panoramas. Truly refreshing mini house design.

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Entrance

The designer maximized the small homes with double-height ceilings, multi purpose compact shelving that also work as fencing, and lofted sleeping quarters. The main theme for this mini houses mostly influenced by zen style design that using many natural/earth colors.

Mini Houses Kitchen Area

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Kitchen

The mini house kitchen design are influenced so much by Daidokoro. All blend together in a compact kitchen outfitted with Bosch induction cooktop, a Foraze Panni sink and Mitsubishi fridge.

Mini Houses Deck and Living Area

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Balcony View

Intend to absorb the afternoon sun, floor-to-ceiling open enclosures doors that cover two-thirds of the hwest side of this mini houses, which open to an elevated deck overlooking Island Bay. The thick building insulation create sufficient heating for the mini home, even during winter.

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Balcony

The living area set next to the huge doors to keep the home inviting plenty of fresh airs and Natural Light through floors-to-ceiling windows. The shelving faced to the north make the small living area more attractive also beautifully organized things,book and decoration without stuffy looks.

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Loft

The undivided double height space allow the interior areas to connect and borrow space from one an-other. For example, the sleep area would feel cramped if it were fully enclosed and at the same time the open area also make living area below seem much larger. The same goes for the kitchen and the study.

Mini Houses Inspired By Japan Style Loft View

The internal multipurpose shelves and fence and a bookcase work together to give the space a warm, inviting feel.

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Potography: Paul McCredie


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