Four Tips for Keeping a Home Pest-Free Between Visits

Everybody has had some kind of pest enter their home within the past year, even if a pest control company comes out for treatments. Exterminators are great at applying the appropriate pesticides in and around a home to keep unwanted guests out, but those applications lose their effectiveness over time.

Here are some useful tips that homeowners can follow to keep their homes pest-free between visits.

Four Tips for Keeping a Home Pest-Free Between Visits

  1. Seal Doors and Windows

Even the smallest crack or opening in a window or door can allow unwanted pests to access a home. Double-check that they are completely sealed when closing up doors or windows after being open for the day. Many pests enter homes seeking food or shelter, so closing everything uptight is the best way to keep them out.

Weatherproofing seals on doors and windows deteriorate over the years. Homeowners should inspect the weather stripping to ensure all windows and doors are closing with a tight seal. Replace the stripping as needed to prevent pests from entering the home. Screens should also be inspected, as even minor damage is an opening for bugs.

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  1. Store Food Properly

One of the biggest reasons why bugs and rodents enter a home is in search of a food supply. Homeowners who store their food properly have less risk for unwanted guests because they won’t find what they are looking for.

Not only is storing food properly important but so is keeping a clean kitchen. Don’t leave food out on counters, and sweep up any crumbs immediately. Only store food in a kitchen or food pantry and check that everything is sealed properly.

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  1. Look for Signs of Infestations

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for any signs of infestations. Unwanted pests leave behind signs that they are inside a home, such as droppings, chewed-up paper, and more. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that an infestation just happens, but the truth is it takes more than just a night or two for pests to invade a home bad enough to require pest control.

Inspecting the home weekly for any signs of pests is the best way to get ahead of the problem. Even just one or two ants inside the home is a sign to watch for. Ants are famous for going back to the colony to alert others about a nearby food source. Once that happens, the entire colony comes into the home.

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  1. Keep the Home and Yard Clean

A messy or cluttered home is one of the biggest attractions for pests. To prevent any infestations, it’s best to keep the home and yard as clean and clutter-free as possible. Inside, always make sure to clean up food crumbs and never leave food lying around. Daily sweeping or vacuuming is also helpful in preventing unwanted guests.

Clutter inside and outside the home is a magnet for rodents and other bugs as it provides them with a place to hide. Minimize clutter inside the home to make spotting pests easier. Outside avoid storing log piles near the foundation of the home. Keep the lawn and garden beds free from overgrowth and mow weekly.

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