DIY House Pest Control: 5 Ways to Bug Proof Your Home

Summertime is all about fresh summer fruits, great weather, and beach days. It’s also that time of the year when pesky bugs make their way onto your property and into your home through open gaps they find. 

No worries. There are some easy-to-learn house pest control tips to send the bugs a-packing. 

Keeping your home pest-free lowers your risk of contracting illnesses. Bugs carry dangerous germs and diseases. Preventing them from entering your home protects your health and the health of your family members. 

You also protect your property by ridding it of bugs, as rodents chew wires and cause fires. 

Pests belong outside of your home—not inside of it! Thankfully, there are ways to keep them out. Keep reading to learn how to do effective household pest control.

DIY House Pest Control 5 Ways to Bug Proof Your Home

1. Keep a Clean House

Bugs find dirt and grime very attractive. If you don’t keep your house tidy, expect them to frequent it more than often. 

Keeping a clean house is the most effective, logical step in pest controlling a home. Doing simple things like washing the dishes instead of leaving them overnight in the sink is great. 

Wipe down every surface after you use it. Don’t leave food or stickiness on countertops or tables. Sweep the floors every evening and take out the trash. 

The outside of the house matters as well. Keep the lawn moved and hedges and shrubs trimmed. Pull out weeds and get rid of standing water in the yard. 

2. Seal Your Home

Bugs slip into unsealed cracks in windows and doors. The smallest slit is an invitation for infestation. 

Seal your house. Don’t let these critters get inside your home

Walkthrough your home and inspect every room. Check window casings and window sills. Examine door frames, drains, wires, and vents. Look at the home’s foundation too. 

Use calk and other DIY sealants to fill and seal off these areas. For bigger repairs, contact a professional. 

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3. Do Laundry as Needed

This statement may sound weird, but bugs love dirty laundry. Think about it. If you have kids, their clothes get soiled with food, drink, and dirt—everything bugs love. 

Do the laundry as often as needed. 

Once or twice a week works, especially if you have a big family. Wash the bed linens and curtains. The faster you empty the dirty laundry basket, the more you disinvite annoying bugs. 

4. Focus on the Bad and Leave the Good Bugs Alone

Roaches, mosquitoes, and termites are dangerous to your health and your home. Other bugs like ladybugs, ground beetles, and bumblebees do you good. 

Focus on preventing the bad bugs while protecting the good. 

If you see bats outside your home at night, don’t use chemical pesticides on them. They eat disease-carrying mosquitoes. Also, bugs like green lacewings eat spider mites and aphids. 

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5. Consult With a Professional House Pest Control

While practical DIY ways do prevent bugs, when it comes to pesticides, you need a pro.

Not knowing what chemicals work best can cause more of a hazard than a solution to pest control. If your infestation situation is out of control, call on the pros. 

Have professional pest control survey your house. This is how you find out how bad your bug problem is. They’ll provide you with the right treatment plan—one that’s effective and safe.

Protect Your Home

A good house pest control plan starts with simple things. Use this to get started and rely on the pros for the rest. 

Let us tell you more about how to protect your home. Check out our home guides for up-to-date hacks and help for the house.

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