What Are Different Types of Bees That Exist Today?

There are over 21,000 types of bees around the world. So while bumblebees are among the most common species in the bee world, there are plenty of other types of bees, each with its own unique trait. Some of these traits are harmless to humans, while others can be deadly.

Since we won’t be able to tell you all of the types of bees, we’ve picked out some of the most interesting types of bees you should know about.

What Are Different Types of Bees That Exist Today

Mason Bees

Mason bees have the highest pollination rate of all the other types of bees. Their pollination rate is the highest because they can carry pollen all over their bodies, unlike other bees that can only carry pollen on their legs. That makes them a key component in the lifecycle of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, which is why many gardeners welcome them into their gardens.

Mason bees are peaceful creatures that won’t sting unless you purposely grab one. Interestingly enough, mason bees have no queen since any female can lay eggs. Additionally, mason bees build their nests in hardened mud.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are one of the smallest types of bees you can find, only measuring just under 1 inch. These bees are quite good at pollinating, but having them near your home can lead to structural damage. The reason is that they build their nests by drilling through trees, wood fences, or wooden structures.

Unfortunately, female carpenter bees can sting and are quite aggressive. If you think you have carpenter bees, be sure to check out this blog for more information.

Western Honeybees

Perhaps the most common types of bees are the western honeybees. These bees are prized for their honey-making ability and are great for pollinating large crops since their colonies contain thousands of bees. There are over 20 different subspecies of western honeybees, many of which were created by beekeepers.

The only time a western honey bee will sting is if you get too close to their nest. Fortunately, their stings are not poisonous, but they do leave a burning sensation.

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Africanized Bee

Entomologists dub the Africanized bee as the killer bee since they swarm attack their victims. While their stings are no worse than a western honeybee, the real danger is that they can sting multiple times. That’s why they are sometimes in the same category as dangerous wasps.

Despite their dangerous habits, Africanized bees are efficient pollinizers, even more so than the western honeybee. Of course, having these bees pose a huge risk to those around the area.

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Which Types of Bees Have You Seen?

These are the most interesting types of bees you can find in the wild. Of course, as we mentioned in the beginning, there are plenty of other types of bees out there to discover. So, next time you see a bee, why not try to see if it’s any of the ones mentioned above!

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