Ssst.. 14 Amazing Secret Passages Ideas

After watching Harry Potter and Narnia, I remember being completely engaged to find a secret passages in my house when i was kid. But who would have thought the one-story house I grew up in didn’t have a hidden room full of treasures from yesteryear?

These 14 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes are absolutely incredible and totally hidden. Keep scroll down to see the amazing secret passageways and hidden rooms people have built in their homes that i collected around the web.

Secret Door On Bookshelf

There’s a door behind the book shelves in this house. Secretly hiding the untold story’s . the material colors completely match the

Image: DeForest Architects

Kids Room Hidden Passages

Why must create hidden passage in kids room? Simple .. because isecret passages are Awesomel!!


Hidden Door On Kids Room

Another secret passages ideas implemented on kids room.

Secret Door Behind The Mirror

Another creative hidden passages. If you ever dreaming going to mirror worlds why not build your worlds byself?


Secret Mirror Door

Luxury looks secret door behind the mirrors. I bet with that thicks iron doors, things that hidden are not simple.

Behind The Wall Secret Door

Absoloutly unnoticeable secret passage behind the stone wall pattern. Its so fun to build this ones.


Sceret Stone Passages

Alternative stone passages ideas. Its hard to find this out.

Hidden Passages Under Electric Stairs

Amazing secret passage with serious touch. I beat when you done build this kind of secret passage. its not going to be secret anymore in no time. Because you can’t handle the temptations to brag this to your guest.


Tiny Door Inside The Closets

Bring Mythical Door that lead to Narnia Worlds to your house. No adult allowed to passes this tiny door!! Kids Rule


Under Wooden Floor Secret Passage

A secret hatch! An ingenious secret passages idea entry point to the basement cellar. Bring elegancy into the hidden passage.


under stairs secret passages ideas

Secret Underground passages. Built under stairs. If you creative enough to camuflage the first door you can get multi layer secret passages. Multi means more safety 🙂


under table secret passages ideas

Who knows under this marble counter has secret passages lead to underground.


secret garden passages ideas

Most Beautiful Secret Passage Ideas on this list. It’s can be more fun if all the screat passages above lead into this.


Secret Passages Behind The Picture

Creative secret passages ideas. Secretly disguise as a wall painting. Also built in dedicated ladders to help you climb this passages.


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