8 Things to Consider When Purchasing A New Home

Buying a new house is one of the most exhilarating yet daunting tasks. Homeowners often assume a home will be perfect because it’s new, and this is where the blunder occurs. Just because a house is brand new doesn’t mean things cannot go south with it. 

A house is one of your most valued physical assets. Hence, it is vital to keep several factors in mind before committing to a new place. If you consider purchasing a new home, read below to determine which elements you need to examine before moving carefully.

8 Things to Consider When Purchasing A New Home

Roof inspection 

It might seem strange to put roof inspection so early in the text, but you’ll be surprised to find out that it is an essential factor to consider when buying a house. Homeowners are comprehensive about inspecting the foundation, wiring, interior, and exterior of a home.

Still, they neglect to scrutinize the roof. A roof is solely supporting an entire house. However, a damaged or rotten roof might cost you an additional hefty amount for repairs. Therefore, it is critical that you review it very thoroughly and precisely.

You can also hire roof contractors to assist you with the roof inspections. Your realtor can help you connect with multiple such contractors, or you can even research yourself and hire the best one in your area.

Virginia in the US is home to some of the best roofers, providing quality services and assistance. For instance, Timothy roof contractors Petersburg VA uses the highest quality material and provides the most superior services and true artistry. 


Looking for a new house is like a bidding game. Whoever is willing to pay the highest earns the price. Therefore, you need to be realistic about your budget. Don’t go around looking for houses you can’t afford because you will eventually lose the competition to someone else.

You need to be clear about how much you are willing to spend and what cost hits the ceiling for you. Of course, you will also need to consider all other expenses like moving costs, lawyers, re-payments, strata, and many others. 


The location of your new house is critical. There are some crucial decisions you need to make before deciding on the site of your new home. For example, whether you want to live in the suburbs or not. If not, how will you commute to work every day?

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Will you be able to afford daily travel costs? Also, whether you are ready to make a lifestyle switch if you plan to move to an entirely unfamiliar area? 

You also need to consider other components like noise pollution, overcrowded streets, cleanliness, etc. A house at a suitable location is also a good investment. It guarantees to remain a profitable asset for many years to come. 

Schools and Colleges

If you plan on moving to a new place with your family, then you need to keep the availability of schools and colleges nearby in mind. Having schools nearby can significantly save travel costs and leave the potential for capital growth.

Availability of schools and colleges within proximity to your house isn’t enough. It would be best if you also inspect whether these schools and colleges are good enough for your kids to attend or not. 


One factor that you shouldn’t miss at any cost is checking the level of crime in the neighborhood. Purchasing a house in a neighborhood with increased criminal activities is both a poor decision and investment.

Try judging the safety levels by asking around and engaging with people living in that area. You can also check the crime rate online. Various websites note all and any crimes reported in different vicinities. 

Mortgage rates 

Let’s move on to a relatively more complex point now. Having complete knowledge about mortgage rates and their trends is critical when buying a house. Constantly fluctuating rates create uncertainty and make it difficult to predict future trends. Similarly, depending on prediction is not a good idea either.

Unprecedented events can cause hindrances in predicted rates. For instance, experts predicted that the US’s Mortgage rate would hit 5% by half of 2018, but here we are, three years later, and the rate is still hovering between 3-3.2%. Nevertheless, it is an excellent time to buy a house in the US. 

House size

Another essential point to think about is how big you want your house to be and its features. How many rooms do you need? Do you need an attached bathroom with each room or just one common one? How big do you want your kitchen? Should your dining be in a separate room? Do you want an oversized garage? Do you want to move into a big house, or will a small apartment suffice?

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A new house won’t have everything you desire, so you also need to check whether there is room for renovations or improvements. Lastly, the size of your house depends on the number of people who will live in it. A small condo or apartment would suffice for an independent homeowner or a couple. Still, a family will require a more prominent place. 


Are you looking for a permanent one or an intermediate one? If you are not planning to stay at your new place for the long-term, then you might want to consider other leasing options instead of purchasing.

Of course, whether renting is better than buying depends on different market conditions and indicators. But, you should, nevertheless, thoroughly research all your options. Often, renting out a house is much more economical than purchasing one, especially if you need it for the short-term.

Besides, if your new home would be your temporary residence, it is better to settle for a decent and mediocre house rather than a faultless one. 


Buying a new house is a very significant financial decision. You do not want to waste your money on purchasing a worthless place. You need to make a sound decision and buy a property that yields the highest benefit and profit for you. 

When buying a house, you need to look beyond the cosmetics of your property. It would be best if you considered the interest rates, timing, housing values, and your plans. If you feel like you are not flexible enough, don’t rush into buying a new home. Take your time to reevaluate a few critical points that we’ve discussed above to make valuable investments.

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