What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Ceramic Tile Floors? 

The Best Way To Clean Your Ceramic Tile Floors

Let’s Talk About Tiles 

Flooring is something people are very keen on. Obviously, we all walk on floors and before making eye contact with anything else, our eyes always meet the floor one way or the other.

Families who shift into houses (or apartments and flats), or even if they are building their own house, always start with the flooring. Foundation is the first layer of everything people! Is not the Earth’s crust, the surface we all stand on? 

What Kind Of A Foundation You May Ask

Foundation means flooring. And flooring comes in many varieties and right now the only varieties we are covering today are tiles. Tiles are classified in terms of many qualities such as sandstone, marble, onyx, and most importantly, Ceramic tiles. 

Quality Check On Ceramics 

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are made up of clay mixed with water and are used as flooring in washrooms and the kitchen. They are a good investment as they are long-lasting in keeping their shape and texture.

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Additional points are they maintain a strong surface because of their strong quality, water-resistant, and having a glazed protective layer; they can withstand humidity having a moist surface.

However, a very hard surface is not too comfortable for the feet provided by the cold surface, which will not be good especially in the winters. But you know what hurts people the most? Looking at a dirty stained floor. 

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What You Own, You Must Maintain 

Like we shower to clean ourselves, we clean our cars to go presentable wherever it may be, hence you need to clean what you walk on. Everything needs a maintenance check, especially what we own.

Things do get dirty eventually, do they not? Ceramic tiles are prone to get dirty with dust oozing around with the moisture in the air, but the grout, that’s the thing we should be worried about. Wait, what’s the grout?

The grout is the mortar material used to fill the spaces between the tiles and if not cleaned on a weekly basis can create a discoloration of a dark shade as it absorbs the dirt. 

Cleaning Ceramic Protocol

Nobody wants to look at something dirty, we all can agree on that. So we should take care of what we walk on, to make sure it looks presentable for a long time. Tile cleaning is a must and here’s what you can do.

  • Grout Maintenance: Clean the grout on a weekly basis to prevent the residue of dust and sand from building up, starting the discoloration process, 
  • Vacuum and Broom your kitchen or washroom at all times to remove the dust debris of the ceramic floor. 
  • Use Soapy water or chlorine bleach in hot water to clean your floor with a mop to clean the dust, dirt, or any stain off from the floor 
  • A clean or dry cloth will do well too, either way, to remove even more dirt without taking the trouble of wetting the floors and leaving water spots 
  • Ph balanced Cleaners are available at the market to prevent grout discoloration.

Follow A Routine And Keep Your Ceramic Floor Clean!

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