Five Tips For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Are you bored with your old furniture? Are the walls of your house screaming for a fresh coat of paint? Your house might be in dire need of renovation. A home renovation project is a great chance to upgrade and revamp your personal space to fit your latest preferences.

Property renovation does not only increase the selling value of your house, but it also improves your quality of life. After a successful home renovation project, you begin to enjoy living in your home much more.

A home renovation project may sound charming, but it is extremely challenging. The action has immense benefits, but the process can get very stressful. However, Canadians are ready to get involved in a home renovation project whenever the situation calls for it because they do not compromise their quality of life. The US News survey explains why Canada ranks number 1 in quality of life in the list of best countries to live in the world.

So do not delay diving headfirst into your home renovation project if that is the case. It might seem like a huge challenge, but with professional expertise and the right tips and tricks, you can get your house all dolled up in no time.

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Here are five tips you can rely on to make your next home improvement project feel like a piece of cake:

1. Prepare Your House For Renovation

Home renovation projects can get extremely messy. If you live in Kelowna, move your furniture and valuable belongings out of the house into a self storage Kelowna unit before starting a renovation project. It also gives renovation contractors enough room to start working without worrying about damaging their furniture and other belongings.

Kelowna residents can rent a self-storage unit facility to free up much-needed space and secure belongings. When browsing through various self-storage options, it’s best to consider the following things to compare and contrast what storage facility suits you best:

  • The size of the unit
  • The location of the unit
  • The local reviews of the unit
  • The payment plans of the unit
  • The security measures of the unit
  • The reliability of the unit
  • The facilities of the unit

2. Estimate A Budget For The Project

The second most important thing to consider when renovating your home is how much you can spend. You need to create a solid budget plan to specify the amount you can spend on your home improvement plan. When estimating a home renovation budget, here are some things that you can take into consideration.

  • How much money do you have to spend on the renovation project?
  • How much money can you loan or borrow if things don’t go according to plan?
  • What kind of material, labor, and other expenses are you dealing with to match your vision?
  • How much do these materials, labor, and other expenses cost?
  • What home renovation tasks are compulsory, and what home renovation tasks are luxury?
  • How much time can you live elsewhere without drilling a hole in your wallet during your renovation project timeline?

3. Focus On Repairs Before Remodels

Renovation projects can get quite overwhelming because there are just so many things to do in very little time. Every day that professionals visit your home to make fixtures is another additional spending day. Therefore, people prefer home improvement projects to be completed in a set timeline so they don’t go overboard with the budget. In doing so, it’s common for homeowners to get carried away with beautification tasks before basic repairs and fixtures are complete.

Always direct your thoughts in order and start with the most important job, for example, water damage, faulty wiring, cracked foundation, flooring issues, etc. Only when the repairs are finished can you move towards the design and aesthetics of your house, which may include paint jobs, layout changes, installation of smart appliances, and other additions.

4. Hire Professionals With Excellent References

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When hiring renovation professionals and specialists, you have to be extremely cautious. You invite these people into your home, so you need to ensure they are someone you can trust. Settling for the lowest bid and the most popular name is never good if people can’t back up their expertise with enough credible referrals. You can use the following criteria to hire potential handypersons or contractors:

  • Ask around about potential contractors to understand what word of mouth they have
  • Contact your local building inspection office in Kelowna, Canada, to check for complaints regarding the contractor
  • Research with license and permits are required for contractors in your city and see if your potential hires have them
  • Ask potential contractors to provide you with a proof of insurance so you can verify their business
  • Ask potential contractors to provide you with references and then verify their credibility
  • Meet every potential candidate in person so you can get an idea of their work ethics
  • Get written quotes and enter into a contract with potential contractors to safeguard yourself in legal matters

5. Always Have A Backup Plan

Assuming that things will go according to plan is the biggest mistake most people make when beginning their house improvement project. Even contractors provide several contingencies estimates because they know renovation plans are always surrounded by uncertainty. With so many uncertain variables to consider, experts recommend homeowners factor in a flexible timeline and budget while considering the worst possible outcome.

You are always ready to spring into action when you do this, even when things go wrong. Another plus point of this is your project features minimal delays and cancellations because you have already prepared for the worst and have a backup plan to tackle all. Therefore, even if life deals with an unexpected card, you already have the game in control to transform your abstract renovation idea into concrete reality.


Preparing your home for an intense renovation can be a complete hassle, but you can enjoy a quick and stress-free build with the tips and tricks mentioned above.

Just remember to hire the right professionals for the job, set a productive timeline, and prepare your house well before the hard work begins. If you take care of these guidelines, your home improvement project may be fruitful.

However, it would be best if you realized that something is always bound to go wrong when it comes to home improvement. Several unexpected scenarios and uncertainties come into play to mess up your renovation timeline. Therefore experts suggest creating a flexible plan so that if anything goes wrong, you have enough room to make adjustments. Happy renovation!

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