How Can Granny Flat Garage Add Value To The Property? 

 People can build several types of granny flats. In comparison to the old thought of granny flats, there is a huge variation in the design options and there are different reasons why people choose to create them. A list of various types of granny flats that you can create on your property is below. This will give you added insight and inspiring ideas to consider while designing the new granny flat. 

How Can Granny Flat Garage Add Value To The Property

Granny Flat With Garage

You can build a granny flat with a garage attached. The state environmental planning policy SEPP gives permission to granny flat builders to be built with an internal living space of 60 square meters. A garage is a habitable space and may be attached to a granny flat without adding up as a part of the habited area. Add a thoroughly install garage to the granny flat without any overlooking of space. That may also have an inner door entrance so that the rainy days are easy. 

Detached Granny Flat 

With a garage added, they could construct a granny flat. The SEPP national environment management plans give permission for granny flat builders to construct 60 square meters of inner home interior.

A garage is usable space and can be related without being counted as part of the zone known as a granny flat. With no limiting of room, attach a specially designed garage to both the Granny Flat. They may also have access to the private gate to facilitate the rainy days. 

Granny Flat Attached

It is attached to the main residence on the property and is built to accommodate your house. We may optimize your privacy or greater contact between the occupants by adjusting the configuration of the granny flat. There are many other variations, apart from the above distinction that a granny flat is attached to your home by each process commonly.

The most significant thing is that between the new site and the granny flat, a fire-rated wall is necessary. The second aspect is that between the house as well as the granny flat, there will be no access door in. There should be a different entrance to the Granny Flat. 

Two-story Granny Flat 

As investors and families realize the value of getting one of them being in your backyard, the two-story Granny flats seem to be more common. They come in shapes and sizes that vary. The single-story granny flats are limited to an inner habitable area of 60 square meters.

Mostly on the ground level, two-story granny flats have a double garage and a 60 square meter granny flat above it. We may install a privacy wall between the two-car spaces and separate entryways if you have the need for car space for the main building. There’s a special feature of a balcony upstairs in two-story granny flats to optimize living space for outdoor or indoor living. 

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Detached Studio 

It is a residential building, such as a home office, entertainment area, guest room, or art studio, used for different purposes. While it is independent, it is associated with the activation of the primary dwelling. In a fire zone or a balcony, you can create it. If you work from home and want to build a small home office or for an extended family, it is a great idea. 


Granny flats can be of several kinds and you can get any of the above styles built as a separate addition to the current estate in the backyard or in your estate.

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