Most Popular Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing St Louis 

The design of a kitchen cabinet refacing plays an important role in determining the complete look and feel of the kitchen. Factors like the design of the cabinet, door shutters, external finishes, colours, and practicality of use should be considered when selecting the kitchen cabinet refacing St Louis. Keep a note that each cabinet style has its own appearance and a different opening and closing mechanism. Below is a guide of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles for you. Read more here for more information.  

Most Popular Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing St Louis 

Cabinets With Glass Insets

Glass insets within the old hinged doors of the cabinet provide a modern look and bring lightness within the kitchen. Transparent glass panels provide a full view of the cabinet’s interior without opening them, but on the other side, they show smudges and fingerprints easily. You should consider frosted glass insets for easy maintenance of such kitchen cabinets. 

Frameless Glass Cabinets

Frameless glass cabinets contain a sheet of glass that acts as the shutter. The combination of decorative stainless steel hinges, no handles and generous use of frameless glass provides a high and sophisticated look to the kitchen. A magnetic push latch is used to open and close these cabinets. 

Raised Panel Cabinets

If you want a traditional look, go for raised panel cabinets. They include a decorative panel inserted into the old frame of the doors of the cabinet. It is a great way to provide a detailed look at the space. 

Flush Mount Cabinets

To create a straight line modern look in an affordable way is with the flush mount kitchen cabinets. They are easy to maintain and provide an attractive look with a simple matching of colourful laminates. 

Awning Style Cabinets

They are very common in modular kitchens. The lift-up style of the door is easy to use and safe because it doesn’t hit the head while the cabinets are opened which may happen with old hinged cabinets. 

Louvred Cabinets

Louvred kitchen cabinet panels are fabricated with repeated horizontal wood slats. The main feature of these cabinets is that there is a gap between each slat. This provides ventilation and is highly useful in moisture-laden areas as they prevent the formation of damp conditions within. 

Always keep in mind that the horizontal wooden slats appear elegant, but their maintenance is not as easy as the dust settles easily between each slat. So such cabinets must be avoided in areas that are prone to dust. 

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Sliding Door Cabinets

These wall cabinet doors slide on tracks or rollers to move backwards or front. The drawback of this type of cabinet style is that since one panel slides in front of the other, you won’t be able to see the contents of the whole cabinet at once. These cabinets should also be handled gently or otherwise, they may get damaged and cause the shutter to slip off the track.


You should make sure that you choose only good quality material for the cabinet doors and also good quality rollers to have hassle-free maintenance and long-lasting durability. Once renovated your kitchen should look beautiful and as good as new.

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