How to set up a productive study space for remote learning students

Since the COVID-19 breakdown in 2020, the world has become more digitalized and continuously proceeds to change. Remote learning has become a very routine activity for many students. The possibility to learn anything you need and want remotely makes the world more connected and globalized. Now it is easy to reach out to a desired educational establishment from any part of the Globe, and it makes it feels to everybody that there are no borders between countries.

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Read on to find out how to create a productive study space for remote learning students.

How to set up a productive study space for remote learning students

Reduce distractions 

The first thing to do is reduce distractions which can be problematic for a remote learner. Potential distractions can be different. For example, you can hear loud noises from the street or your roommate. Also, very bright lights or children playing outside the window could be distracting, as well as flying helicopters or trains passing by your house.

When starting your remote learning lesson or doing homework after lessons, you must reduce all the noises and distractions. Avoiding this point, you will not be able to concentrate and be productive and your studies.

Arrange your workplace 

One of the good tips for students who want to arrange an inspiring environment for remote learning is to work on arranging the workplace. Take a critical look at your table. Where is it situated? Is it enough light? Are there any distractions or messes on your table?

Arrange your workplace the way you like to get lots of inspiration. For example, if you do not like the table in your room because it seems too small, changing it to a bigger one with more space is fine. This easy step is significant in changing your attitude to remote learning.

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Create a schedule 

One of the biggest problems of remote learners and students who work a lot at home is the need for a good working schedule. Managing your time is crucial, and you must be skilled in it to succeed in learning remotely. If your time management skills could be better, you need to take some lessons on how to plan your time most effectively.

There are a lot of online lessons. You can watch YouTube lessons or ask a more experienced friend for advice. The easiest way to schedule your time and be productive in remote learning is to take a notebook or a calendar with your plans and put it right behind your eyes at your working place.

So that you can see and track your progress and remember everything important you planned. Put on your calendar Zoom calls, tests, and other essential things.

Go to a co-working place 

From time-to-time students need help to arrange an inspiring and useful working place at their homes. If this situation happens in your life, you can consider working on your studies remotely from a co-working space. Such places are created for those who work and study remotely.

It means that you can go to a specific place, pay a certain amount and use the workplace arranged for your needs. For example, there will be Wi-Fi or wire Internet, specific stationery you can use for studying (paper, books, pants, pencils), and all you need to provide your learning effectively.

Do not forget to rest

Remote students who get an education from home on distance have plenty of time because they do not have to spend hours going to the educational establishment and back home. On the other side, it can be problematic for remote students to set their schedules effectively and have enough time for resting. Good relaxation is crucial if you want to stay productive and motivated.

Even if you like all subjects you learn, you can burn out because of a non-balanced work-rest schedule if you will not relax. If you want to score high grades, think over the plan of quality relaxation, have a good sleep at night, eat healthy food, and drink enough water. Do your best to have at least two days a week when you do not study, do not work, and do what you like to do. Meet friends and family, take small trips, walk in the park, etc. 


We hope that reading our article explains how to set up a productive study space for remote learning students. Remember that rest and relaxation depends on your attitude to your schedule, so do your best to plan your time effectively.

You will feel better arranging your workplace, making it more inspiring. If you do not have a quiet space at your home, it is better to go to a co-working space and learn from there. Good luck!

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