How to Keep Your Office Clean and Safe During COVID

Did you know that a lot of employees are experiencing job stress due to the pandemic? If you want to help alleviate stress at your workplace and help your team feel safe at work, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over workplace safety cleaning guidelines. Use these cleaning tips to help your team feel safe.

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How to Keep Your Office Clean and Safe During COVID

Deep Clean Your Workplace

If you return to the office after being away, hire a cleaning company to complete a deep clean. Do this whether you have a private office or a shared office space.

Professional products and services will help make sure your office is clean. You’ll have more control over the cleanliness of your workplace. After the initial deep clean, determine how you will maintain your office.

Make a Cleaning Plan

When you create your plan, think about everything that needs to get cleaned.

Not every area in your business will need the same amount of attention. Spaces left unoccupied for over a week only need routine cleaning.

High-contact surfaces like elevator buttons, doorknobs, and sinks need to get disinfected often. You’ll need to factor in the equipment and resources required.

Consider the availability and size of your current janitorial workforce. Also, decide what cleaning products and PPE you need to clean your business.

Maintain the Cleaning Routine

Make sure you stay on top of disinfection efforts and routine cleaning.

You can always revise your plan based on your available PPE and disinfectant. You want high-contact areas disinfected every day.

Maintain safe practices to build extra layers of protection. Wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing is essential.

Use Plenty of Signage

Make sure your employees understand the restrictions and rules. There are governmental resources available to help you decide the restrictions.

When you make these restrictions, use signs and notices to remind your team.

You want everyone to understand the rules surrounding cleanliness and safety measures.

Highlight the importance of hand hygiene. You also want to talk about the importance of sneezing and coughing etiquette. Discourage your team from hugging or shaking hands.

Communicate Clearly With Your Team

Communicating with your employees and those who rent office space is critical.

Your team needs to understand the importance of keeping their workspace clean.

You want your team to understand their responsibilities about safety at work. Send this information out via email or an instant message.

Regardless of how you communicate, make sure employees remain updated on any changes. Make sure your guidelines get followed.

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay at Home

Put up posters that encourage your employees to stay at home if they are sick.

Don’t make it a rule that your sick employees provide a COVID-19 test result to confirm their illness.

Healthcare providers are busy right now. The doctor or health provider may not be able to provide the documentation right away.

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How to Host Safe Meetings

Try to use teleconferencing or videoconferencing when possible for your work-related gatherings.

Cancel or post-pone large meetings that can only happen in-person. Follow the CDC’s guidance on mass gatherings and events.

If videoconferencing isn’t possible, hold your meetings in an open and well-ventilated room. Put the chairs six feet apart.

Finetune the Work Schedule

Schedule your employees so they return to work on a staggered basis. This way, you can make sure there’s limited capacity in your offices.

Try using scheduling software to help you create a new schedule. Let your team know about the new schedule in advance.

Clean Your Common Areas Often

Make sure you regularly clean common areas, conference rooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. You want to limit the spread of infection by cleaning these areas.

Disinfecting and cleaning surfaces will reduce the risk and kill disease particles.

Don’t forget about cleaning the floor. Consider cleaning with floor scrubbers.

Disinfect Keyboards

In shared offices, the keyboards will get quite dirty. You want to make sure you disinfect these often.

Encourage your employees to clean their workspace. This way, it’s safe for the next desk user.

Use Disinfectant Wipes

Make sure you use an EPA-registered disinfectant product. You will have the highest level of protection against possible infection.

Using disinfectant wipes across your surfaces will protect you and your employees. Make sure people who use your office space know where the cleaning wipes are located.

Install Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer is an essential item, so make sure you get plenty for your office workplace.

Place hand sanitizer stations near the entrance of your business. You’ll also want some in the bathrooms and other common areas.

Make Use of Contact Tracing

If a COVID-19 case’s identified at your work, the health department will need your help.

They might ask you to identify contacts and exposures in your workplace. The health department might conduct site visits and interview employees. They do this to identify close contacts.

The health department won’t get help from you because the risk of transmission is low.

You might want to create a COVID-19 team at work. Choose someone to be a coordinator to oversee this team. The coordinator will be a resource to the health department.

Now You Have Some COVID-19 Workplace Safety Tips

We hope this guide on safety in the workplace was helpful. Now that you have workplace safety tips, make sure you communicate these rules to your team.

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