Should You Hire a General Contractor? Ask Yourself These Questions

Do-it-yourself shows remain popular television viewing options today. Joanna and Chip Gaines make a fortune hosting these shows and sharing their experiences with remodeling residences. They aren’t the only ones either. Everywhere one turns today, it seems there is a new home improvement show, blog, store, or something of that nature. 

After taking in this media, a person might feel they can tackle a major project without the help of a general contractor. Certain projects fall under the scope of the average homeowner, but not all do. How can you know whether you need a general contractor?

Certain questions become of great help when the time comes to make this decision. Those who need more details should always ask questions they need answers to if they are to feel comfortable with the decision they make. 

Should You Hire a General Contractor

General Contractor Duties

When a homeowner hires a general contractor, this individual oversees all aspects of the project. They take on the responsibility of hiring subcontractors and coordinating their work so the project runs smoothly from start to finish. This may include plumbers, electricians, painters, or flooring specialists, depending on the project.

The goal is to ensure there is no lag time between one contractor finishing their work and the next company beginning their portion of the job. 

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Choosing the Right Contractor

Before hiring a contractor, the homeowner must ensure they have the appropriate licensing and insurance. No job should begin without these items in place, as they protect the homeowner if something goes wrong with the job. The insurer covers any property damage that occurs or injuries sustained by a worker while on the job site.

Expect to pay this individual more than someone doing the work as a side job. The added expense becomes priceless if something happens because the homeowner knows they cannot be held liable. 

Why is a General Contractor Needed? 

The general contractor brings many things to the project. They understand how to manage a project and have in-depth knowledge of local building codes. Furthermore, they are familiar with best practices in the construction industry and any industry standards relating to the project being undertaken. 

Furthermore, many building materials manufacturers warranty their products but only if a professional install them. Homeowners find this type of warranty often comes with components critical to the structural integrity of the home. Learn whether this is the case with the building materials you have selected. 

Does Your Project Call for a General Contractor? 

Homeowners may question whether their project requires a general contractor. Three questions should be asked when making this determination. 

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How long will the project take from start to finish? 

When a project will take more than one week to complete, a general contractor becomes of great help. Any delay in the project could be costly, and the contractor works to ensure all aspects of the project are completed on time to avoid these delays. 

What are the local building codes? Most individuals remain unfamiliar with local building codes, as they don’t use the codes regularly. A failure to comply with these codes could lead to a costly fine. Furthermore, any work done by the homeowner may need to be undone and completed by a professional. Homeowners can reduce the risk of this happening by working with a general contractor. 

Will multiple subcontractors be needed to complete the project? Homeowners find when several tradespeople will work on a job a general contractor makes their lives much easier. 

If you are taking on a home improvement or remodeling project, consider hiring a general contractor. Men and women who do so find they save time and money while dealing with less hassle. This is one expense you won’t regret, as the project will be completed in less time than you may have imagined. 

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