Top 5 Ways To Use And Maintain Your HVAC System

Changing weather conditions can make it hard for you to enjoy your lovely home. It’s important to understand that a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system will go a long way in maintaining a favorable living environment in your home. For this reason, it’s crucial to utilize several tips not only to lengthen its lifespan but to also reduce energy consumption. 

Top 5 Ways To Use And Maintain Your HVAC System

What Is HVAC System?

HVAC is a system involved in moving air between internal and external environments. It can be used to maintain a favorable living environment for both residential and commercial setups. For instance, the system will help maintain a warm environment during the winter seasons. 

Also, the HVAC system is an integral part of your home. Read the list below to learn several ways to use and maintain an HVAC system. 

  • Keep Quality Indoor Air

Allowing the amount of outdoor air getting into your house will help lower the concentration of indoor air pollutants. While opening doors and windows can improve the quality of the indoor air, it’s important to understand how this may not be favorable in some weather conditions. It’s advisable to conduct extensive research to ensure you purchase your system from a reputable supplier. For instance, if you’re located in Tulsa and nearby areas, you can visit Dowd Heat & Air and other companies to meet your air conditioning needs.

  • Reduce Growth Of Bacteria

Organizations such as the production areas of pharmacies, laboratories, and much more use HVAC systems to maintain a lower temperature. The low temperature is not an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. They can also use the system to maintain a standard atmosphere for the production of drugs and related products.

  • Change Your Filters

Replacing the filters will play a huge role in maintaining the cleanliness of your system and taking out large particles from your indoor air. It’s advisable to replace the filters at least after every three months.

On the other hand, if you have cats and other pets, you may be forced to replace them more often. This will not only improve indoor air quality but will also reduce the chances of allergic reactions. 

When replacing your filters, you must follow the recommended rating. Moreover, using the wrong filter will affect the airflow.  Thus, it’s straining your system and reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you’re unsure, you should seek professional assistance to avoid damaging your system. 

  • Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

It’s important to understand how the outdoor unit could be affected by external factors. Obstacles such as trees and bushes may affect the normal airflow, thus leading to inefficiency. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure your outdoor unit has enough space for optimum performance of your HVAC system. Thus, it’s advisable to trim any obstacles around the unit. This will help protect your external unit from risks posed by these elements. 

It’s also crucial to keep a close eye on flowering plants that release excessive pollen. Pollen may interfere with your cooling unit, leading to increased energy consumption. Therefore, use the available options to protect your external units from pollen and other factors that may interfere with your cooling unit. 

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  • Regular Professional Check-ups

Another way to maintain your HVAC system is to involve an on-site visit from an HVAC technician. They could conduct a detailed examination to ensure your system functions at maximum performance. Depending on the technician, the examination may involve checking for leaks, cleaning the system, and much more

You can invite the expert either once a year or several times a year depending on your routine maintenance program. The professional check-up will guarantee your HVAC system does not break down when you need it the most especially during extreme weather seasons.  

Another benefit of professional check-ups is that the components will be cleaned properly to ensure optimum performance of the system. Also, the expert will replace the damaged components at the right time.  This could then reduce the risks of expensive and sudden repair bills. 

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Take Away

As mentioned above, the HVAC system plays an important role in maintaining a favorable living environment. It’s mostly used to improve the quality of indoor air and provide a hostile surrounding for the growth of harmful bacteria in hospitals, labs, and much more. Thus, it’s important to know how to maintain your HVAC system. Some of the top maintenance tips include changing filters, inspecting the outdoor unit, and regular professional check-ups. 

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