Useful Farmhouse Decor for Kitchen and Bath

The farmhouse theme is popular in many settings outside of the actual farm. Indeed, urban decorators commonly incorporate the farmhouse theme into apartments, lofts, and townhomes.

The theme may be nostalgic for many homeowners, reminding them of homes they visited or lived in during their youth. Others may simply enjoy the simplicity of the farmhouse motif.

Another reason why the farmhouse theme is popular is that it allows decorators to incorporate useful decor into the highest-traffic rooms of the home, namely the kitchen and bath. Here, the items are not just decor to be regularly dusted. They can be useful and practical pieces to assist homeowners with storage and organization.

Farmhouse Laundry Room

Farmhouse Decor for Kitchens

The kitchen is the ideal room in the home to incorporate farmhouse storage and organization items that are both useful and practical.

For counter storage, canisters may be utilized to hold baking ingredients while wire baskets may be used to hold dry goods or fruits and vegetables. Simple metal and wire containers may be used for anything from cleaning supplies to paper goods.

Even cutlery may be stored attractively in a farmhouse-themed metal container with a handle.

Simple baskets, often with handles, are lovely decorative items that can hold towels and linens or even the daily mail. Woven or maize baskets may be utilized as attractive planters to hold herbs or house plants.

Baskets with lids are fabulous choices to hide away unsightly items or clutter that naturally congregate in this communal area.

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Farmhouse Decor for Baths

Again, because the bath is such a high-traffic area, it’s practical to incorporate decor that not only fits the farmhouse theme but is also useful. As in the kitchen, baskets make great additions to the bath as places to store and hide paper products and linens.

The options for baskets are endless. Decorators may choose from braided, maize, bamboo, rattan and wood, or even seagrass. Farmhouse-style canisters with wooden lids are great additions to the vanity and are useful for holding cotton balls and swabs.

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Similar to the kitchen, wire baskets to hold linens and toiletries may also be utilized either on the counter or hanging from the wall beside a mirror or above the toilet. 

And for the all-important towel racks, the farmhouse theme has several options to choose from. Accordion peg wall hangers, towel hangers with baskets, and vintage laundry displays are all options from which decorators may choose.

Utilizing wood, enamel, metal, or wire is appropriate to maintain the farmhouse theme. Therefore, the opportunities are endless.

When choosing a theme for a home or a specific room such as the kitchen or bath, few styles are as simple, stylish, and practical as the farmhouse theme.

This motif allows decorators to incorporate authentic pieces into useful places so that the decor is more than just something that requires regular dusting.

Canisters, baskets, and racks in the farmhouse theme can be sturdy and long-lasting items that help homeowners with storage and organization while also contributing to the farmhouse theme.

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