Perfect Retreat in A-Frame Tiny Cabin (You’ll Love it)

This is the first A-Frame Tiny Cabin tours on this site. Tucked away in the Redwood trees of Cazadero, California stands this modest tiny cabin. The best part of this post is …. if you wanted to experience what it’s like to live in, you can rental this small cabin on Airbnb (Link at the end of post). This little a-frame cabin would make a productive retreat for an artist, writer, or musician, or a romantic getaway.

The A-Frame cabins offer an efficient configuration to build and live within. Fewer materials are consumed than with a traditional rectilinear shape, and inside there is the less cubic volume to heat or cool. Keep reading this visual tours and let me know what you think about it in the comments. Thank you!

A-frame Tiny Cabin House

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Exterior

It looks tiny on the outside but the inside tells a different tale.


As soon as you enter this little cabin you will be welcomed by stairs straight lead to the loft and an industrial looking fireplace. The height gives the room extra airy atmosphere and bunch of windows provides abundant sunlight illuminated entire dwellings.

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Entrance

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Stairs

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Interior

From the picture above you can see, owner uses the stairs as the vocal point as well as the room partition.

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Under Stairs Library

Not only partition the owners have made good use of the belowstairs space for bookshelf and storage.

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A-frame Tiny Cabin House Tours

This part (picture above) look warm and inviting (especially in winter) . Really great gathering spot which the guest can lie down on the carpet while reading accompanied by soothes sound from the vintage phonograph.
A-frame Tiny Cabin House Interiors

From this interior placement, we can learn how to use the spaces under the slanted wall by placing waist-high appliances or seating. The main portion of the space offers enough distance from the walls for even tall people to walk upright.

A-frame Tiny Cabin House KitchenThe kitchen looks really vintage with the pale white paint. But it’s good enough to perform basic cooking. There also glass door lead to the back all-wood deck.

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Terrace

Another great gathering spot available on this tiny cabin house. Perfect place for dinner and at the same time soak with the freshness of forest airs. (there also proper place to do ghost story telling with the only one candle on the table haha 😈 )

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A-frame Tiny Cabin House BathroomA-frame Tiny Cabin House BathroomsThe bathroom able to brings different atmosphere just by the use of white flooring. It creates the whole bathroom looks cleans and visually bigger.
A-frame Tiny Cabin House Attic RoomA-frame Tiny Cabin House BedroomVery very warm and aesthetic loft area. Love the wooden panel colors and the well-placed lightning, and they just create a perfect backdrop for the white bed. The bed is a cozy full size, and the mattress is memory foam.

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Outdoor

A-frame Tiny Cabin House Panorama

I think it would be wonderful to stay awhile in this little cabin and retreat from the busy life.

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